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Hospitality Contract and Event Management Assignment

Hospitality Contract and Event Management - Assignment modellingThe key factor that leads to a person contracting a caterer is because of his expertise in the sector. The person believes that he is being involved with a professional in the provision of the various serve needed. A cutting caterer would not compromise on his/her calibre of product and provision of his/her services since he/she is there to define an early(a) contract or be recommended for his quality of his products and services.(Judge Advocate Generals School (United States. Army), American Bar Association. scratch of Public Contract Law2007) Another crucial characteristic is the manner he/she offers his/her services. Apart from the fact that the services should be of high quality, they should be offered at a considerable price and at the honourablely time. The set of a caterers product and services should be considerable and effective free from hidden charges. These date that the caterer remains competitive a nd wins most of the contracts in the market. Another key feature that is crucial as farthest as provision of services is considered is the punctuality of his/her services. The services should be at the right place, at the right time with the right people offering those services. Another main characteristic that features in a give contract is the innovation and new brilliant ideas. Catering sector is a competitive sector that requires caterer to be on their toes. Due to the fact that it is a dynamic sector makes it paramount to venture into new ideas that give attract customer for your products and services. They should offer the latest recipe of food, the latest outdoor propose and interior design that satisfies the customers (Judge Advocate Generals School (United States. Army), American Bar Association. Section of Public Contract Law2007) What caterer should be interested in is the satisfaction of his/her client. He/she should be pay attention to the way he/she prices his/her products, the way they deliver their products the quality of their products and the way they remain relevant I the sector. External factors affecting planning and management in the solution and contract sectors Introduction. A hospitality sector which includes event planners and caterers is affected by internal and foreign factors just like other business enterprises. Internal factors such as management, finances, the level of safety menu among other actors plays an important role in the functioning of this sector. There are other uncontrollable factors which are external but can be controlled by planning well and sound management. One of such factors is the doing of the economy of a country. A well performing economy with sable prices, availability of skilled labor, on the table tax policies, performance of macro institutions, ease to put and run businesses and stable foreign exchange unremarkably affects the smooth running of a business in the catering sector. When foreign ex change is unstable, prices are high, bring down expenditure by the government usually affects hospitality sector in the negative since there is cut transaction (Anton S, Bryn P 1987) Hospitality sector is established and hires within the laws of a country. The law gives the licensing and gives the guidelines on how to operate in the sector. There are different laws such as laws that govern the t environment that do affect the hospitality

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Choose a topic for the Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Choose a progeny for the Paper - Essay ExampleThe causes for the great depression are many and complex but the canonic reasons for the great depression can be listed as a stock market which crashed, sparing trends which were blackball and a lack of investments in large projects. Industries such as heavy machinery production, shipbuilding and mining trading operations were worst hit and they had to let go of thousands of realizeers who could not find jobs to replace the ones they had lost (Wheeler, 2007).Amongst the by and by do of the Great Depression was the New Deal which was offered by Roosevelt to the Americans which gave fair wages for fair work. A 40 hour work week was created to make sure that positions could be given to all those who wanted to work and massive deficit spending was undertaken by the government to give the economy a boost. In fact, the authorized transport network which crisscrosses across America is one of the projects which was started to get Americ a out of its economically dead(a) state (Higgs, 1992).The Great Depression, even though it was a sad period for those who went through it brought many advantages for those who came after the period since the decisions made then have kept the American economy stable for decades. For example, the idea of a minimum wage comes from the aftermath of the great depression and the benefits to the southern half of the American states were immense since the economic focus shifted from agriculture to industrialization and services (Parker, 2007).I feel that Americans lost trust in financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies in the years which followed the great depression and came to depend more on the relationship they had with the government. Franklin Roosevelt probably benefited most from the era since he was able to pull America out of the office and was (and still is) seen as a hero for the nation. His New Deal worked for a lot

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Humanitarian intervention Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

addition interpolation - Case Study ExampleThese abstract definitions, which are ofttimes social constructs, become even more problematic when viewed through the lens of legitimate honorable concerns. Does a foreign power have the right to intervene and restore order when the disruption of food supplies results in the starvation of massive numbers of children Does a world military power have the moral bargain to inflict democracy on a people that are oppressed economically, semipolitically, and socially and do not have the benefit of free elections and choice These questions have come before the external bodies such as the join Nations (UN) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in recent years as the Palestinian oppression, the atrocities in Kosovo, and the genocide in Darfur beg for resolution and are met with impasse and impotence on the world stage. Humanitarian relief and armed intervention is an issue too complex to be limited by predetermined rules and needs to be assessed on a case-by-case basis with morality and ethics as the further relevant veto powers available.The problems that are presented by international bodies in pursuing an armed humanitarian intervention are very clearly evident in the conflict that arose in Kosovo in 1998-1999. International police presented several obstacles to any unilateral or multi-lateral pull throughs without the near unanimous consent of the United Nations. Article 2(4) of the UN let explicitly prohibits military intervention into the internal affairs of any state, and that prohibition extends regardless of ideology (democratic or dictatorial), morality of the ruling government, or intervention for humanitarian purposes (Henkin, 1999, p.824). According to UN rules, certain ruling members have a veto power and in the case of Kosovo, Russia and China were willing to block any unanimous consensus on military intervention. Due to post Cold War animosities, geography and politics rendered unanimity by the changeless members in support of military action (especially in the Balkans) highly unlikely (Henkin, 1999, p.825). The United Kingdom, with support of the US, move forward without the approval of the UN, opting instead to invoke the collective approval of NATO as a legitimate international body that took precedence over the UN based on regional concerns and authority. Legal scholars generally agree that the NATO action in Kosovo was in violation of international law, though it can be justified through ethical and moral reasoning. While there is some debate on the ultimate effectiveness of the campaign and the come in of suffering alleviated, the focus should remain on the intent of the action. There is no doubt that there were political pressures that moved the impetus to provide humanitarian relief. The NATO action in Kosovo was taken to provide humanitarian relief, bar further catastrophe, prevent the destabilization of key parts of Europe, and to maintain the legitimacy of NATO (Wedgwood, 1999, p.829). Taken one at a time these goals may be insufficient, but their collective weight makes the action more acceptable. However, the detail that this was a Caucasian country and a Euro-centric action cannot be overlooked. Would this action have been initiated if the population were a black African nation According to Coady (2002, p.26), responses to exterminations need close examination lest they do contain elements of mere prejudice,

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American government policies in overcoming the aftermath of the Assignment

American government policies in overcoming the aftermath of the Financial Crisis of 2008 - Assignment ExampleThe US directional on the mortgage financial institutions to decentralize their loan facilities to the mid and low income earners increased the risk problematical leading to an enormous increase in defaults. High leverage ratios were explicit issuances of the financial crisis leading to want of confidence in the financial institution by the investors. Bankruptcy was experienced by a subjugate of mortgages lending institution repayable to lack of credit worthiness to finance their activities (Braun and Borja, 2004). Failure, economic bailout by the government, mergers, in addition to takeovers of financial institutions for example the Washington mutual, Merrill lynch ,Wachovia and umpteen an(prenominal) more was also a major(ip) implication of the financial crisis. The insurance companies for instance AIG were not able to offer the necessary insurance on the loans given because they did not have the funds to offer such services. A number of the financial institutions resulted in stringent measures in terms of offering loans leading to few pack applying for the loans and the resultants is the decline in dinero for the banks, trim money supply as well as lack of assets acquisition by the people who rely on these loans. Stock markets The decline in the average index was a major result of the crisis. For instance, Dow Jones industrial Average index declined from a high 14,000 points to 6,600 points in a span of two eld within the crisis period (Evans-Pritchard and Ambrose, 2007). As a result, Investment turnover declined. Decline in the turnover number led to lack of investment in the stock markets. Major players in the stock markets that are the pertly York Stock Exchange, for example Dow Jones and brokers...This paper seeks to analyze the economic impact of the financial crisis in US as well as the measures that have been taken by the US gover nment to address the implications of the crisis.According to many economists, the housing bubble that occurred in US was a major trigger that resulted to reduced value of the securities in the US market as well as the prices of the real estates. World economists have come with assorted theories that attributed to the financial crisis. According to Levin-Coburn Report, a policy paper that was issued by US Senate, the crisis was not as a result of natural forces but it was caused by complex financial products, inadequate credit rating mechanisms and contrast of interests among other factors.In terms of the consumer wealth, crisis led to decline of the investments with most of the local and international investors losing huge amounts of investments caused by the collapse of their companies.As a result of the financial crisis, most of US banks suffered heavy losses due to the unpaid loans. One of the major financial institutions that underwent a financial crisis was the Lehman brother s. The financial crisis also led to insolvency of many banks and financial institutions in the U.SThe U.S Governments adopted different policies such as financial saving plans, spending input signal packages, and aggressive monetary policies to contain the crisis. The crisis moved the US into deep recession due to bankruptcies and foreclosure of banks and firms that caused huge layoffs and reduced disposable income.

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Management and Administration Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

focus and Administration - Case Study ExampleThis essay will also elaborate more on the possible solutions available to solve each problem identified. Thorough explanations accompanying my tributes will also be provided. Lack of trust within the focusing The Red Cross management and the subordinate staff affinity never had a strong foundation (Meyers & Young, 1996). This was due to the lack of communication and understanding among the entire staff. Consequently, all member of the staff was criticizing the management while the management criticized the junior staff. In addition to this, there were foul consequences for example some junior staff members were suspended without pay while others were relieved of their duties. Considering the factors that led to the management problem, there are various theories that different staff members have stated. The C.E.O of Red Cross known as Harold J. Becker was very uncomfortable at her position despite it being a prestigious position wit hin the organization. Apparently, she had decided to call it quits after she was attacked by critics within Red Cross. During the day in question, she was showing the jittery strain of the previous two months. She recalls the first time that she had commanded a huge disaster eternal rest effort only to endure humiliation and rejection of every order she gave by the Red Crosss 50 member board of governors. ... During these staff meetings, there should be an open forum where the people telephone line their grievances, complaints and dissatisfaction. Afterwards, the board should hold a meeting for the purposes of sorting out the major problems aired out. Individually, the most damaging aspect as a result of mistrust is the psychological impact that produces paranoid thoughts. Recommendations The strategies recommended are several(prenominal) for instance developing other familys hence gaining self empowerment. Other relationships to be developed are betwixt the junior staff and s enior staff for example the C.E.O did not have a working relationship with her junior staff hence the major reason why they were all criticizing her authority and leadership. Another recommendation is the creation of alternatives where individuals employ the principles of GRIT (Graduated and Reciprocated initiatives in Tension Reduction) (Fells, 2009). This is a strategy meant to disregard dysfunctional suspect in various levels of authority. Basically, GRIT consists of a series of steps meant to correct biased and distorted views, reduce tension cultivating an atmosphere of mutual trust. Resultively, this will enable a more co-operative approach enhancing effectiveness. GRIT good example once established distrust will subside as parties involved in arguments achieve a neutral ground. However, it is important to retain some retaliatory capacity. This is the ability to mount a defense should it wrench necessary and also build a reputation of trustworthiness through self defense b y stating facts. Incompetency within the organization In a confidential memo sent to the board of governors by Healy, she had complained about the irregularities within Red Cross. She ultimately laid out the

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Website for an organization which has a campaign promoting a core Assignment

Website for an organization which has a campaign promoting a core issue that interests you - Assignment ExampleMorris Dees SPLC uses current laws to bewilder lawsuits to change current unjust laws. unriv eached example is when Dees sued the unify Klans of America on behalf of Beulah Mae Donald. Donalds son had been killed due to the Klans incitement toward force out against shamefuls. This suit bankrupted the last majorly nationally organized Ku Klux Klan in the United States. By challenging unfair laws and bring lawsuits, the SPLC has challenged and won lawsuits against discrimination against those living in the United States.The primary message is written with photographs at the top. These messages atomic number 18 informative. The website is set up like a news organization. Articles be current news around the United States involving issues of discrimination against minorities, Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT), and immigrants. The message is clear. Although Am erica does have more tolerant laws today than in the 1950s, there is a lot work to still be done.The target audience is average Americans that might not be cognizant of incidents of discriminations in their area. An example is the Hate Watch map. The Hate Watch map tracks hate groups. These groups are skinheads, KKK, black panthers, anti-government groups, and any group that promotes hate against others. The map shows the locations of hate group members and more information on distributively group. It must be noted that although the SPLC was founded during the Civil Rights Movement, the group is not anti-white or pro-black. The SPLC was founded to promote equality among all Americans.The SPLC also has teaching material for educators to teach children. These messages are targeted toward the younger audience. These materials, books, worksheets, videos, and recordings are provided for free. History and current events are covered in these materials. The materials can be requested by a teacher or big(a) for free.The noise or confusion that

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Food science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Food science - Essay prototypeThe Health Protection Agency Centre for Infections (HPACI) reported that the highest incidence of regimen embittering throughout the joined Kingdom was highest back in 1997 with 105,596 cases. (Foodlink, 2008) With the help of Food Standards Agency in terms of ensuring the quality and natural rubber of the available food products in the market (Society for General Microbiology, 2008b) combined with teaching the people with the importance of prissy food management through health education, the number of individuals who has suffered from food poisoning was down to 78,734 as of 2005. (See concomitant I Food Poisoning Statistics throughout UK on page 16)Food poisoning or foodborne illnesses atomic number 18 commonly caused by eating food that has been contaminated by micro-organisms like harmful bacteris such as Campylobacter, Salmonella enteritidis, Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes and Clostridium botulinum toxins pathogens like parasites or viruses and/or fungus kingdom causing mycotoxins like aflatoxins, ochratoxins and patulin. (Society for General Microbiolgy, 2008a Weinberg, 2008) In general, diseases that are directly related to the presence of fungus are common in plants and animals. By invading our food supply, humans can be prone to suffer from the harmful metabolites called mycotoxins also known as fungus poison that are produced by fungus within a contaminated food as a strategic route of preventing other organisms from eating the food.For this study, a literature review will be conducted with regards to the impact of kingdom Fungi on food poisoning will be thoroughly discussed. First, a general information with regards to the growth of fungi in foods will be generally explained. In the process of going through the discussion, the different types and sources of fungi specifically the aflatoxins, ochratoxin A, fumonisins, trichothecenes, and zearalenone

Companys Social Performance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Companys neighborly Performance - Essay ExampleCompanys Social Performance Describe your telephoner and contemplate the various primary and secondary stakeholder groups, their roles, and relationships The society is a mediumsized chocolate producing corporation cognise as St. Louis Delights.The company specializes in the production of popular treats such as chocolate dipped caramels, with and without condiments such as pecans. The company is rapidly expanding even though at present it has only 35 employees, nearly of whom work on a part-time basis. St. Louis Delights currently produces more than 15,000 chocolate treats on a daily basis. With most of the chocolates products sold by other retailers being somewhat conventional, St. Louis Delights has created a whole new melodic phrase of treats that is aimed at catering for the diverse tastes of chocolate fans all over the world. So far, St. Louis Delights has produced goods for fairs such as integrated events as well as weddi ngs and other parties. The company also creates distinctive theme products in antithetical seasons such as during Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and the Chinese New Year. Recently, the company also staged a chocolate taste workshop so that customers could be introduced to exciting new creations produced by St. Louis Delights. The primary stakeholders of St. Louis Delights are its customers, stockholders, suppliers, creditors, and workers. Just as other corporations, St. Louis Delights has to realize profits for its principal investors. ... um, apart from its website, in which the companys clients are sufficient to discuss their views on different products as well as company policies (Freeman, Harrison, Wicks, Parmar, & De Colle, 2010). In this way, the company lead also be able to determine what needs to be improved. This leave alone also help company officials to learn how best to communicate with clients or catch their interest. The company could also learn how to better marke tplace its products to different sectors of the population by listening to the comments and advice of its customers. By monitoring the effect of any adjustments it makes, the company will be able to reassess its priorities as well as fine tune its methods of communication. Recommend slipway the stakeholders can influence the destiny of your business For St. Louis Delights, customers are viewed as being the single most primal stakeholder group that can foment change in company strategies as well as operations. The company has been making profits that allow for further expansion due to the loyalty of customers. At present, St. Louis Delights is involved in considering the next place in which to open new branches. Naturally, this decision will be determined by the notion of where customers are most likely to want to come to. Executives have to take into consideration the view of where the customers are most likely to feel comfortable shopping at. The company also has to take into wr ite up the customer demographic it is looking to attract. For instance, it has to consider whether the customers will drive or walk to its proposed next franchise. In this case, it would be better to locate the franchise at an up market area that is a travel distance from residential houses. So far, it is the up market customers who appreciate uniqueness who have

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Computer aided design in mechanical engineering Essay

Computer aided design in mechanical plan - Essay ExampleThis lowered the cost of output signal per unit and enabled the production of goods that were cheap and could be bought by the general population. Ever since, the manufacturing process has undergone tremendous improvements, which has led to improved efficiency and lowered the cost of production further. The improvements in the electronics and computer design have led to the development of computer-controlled control systems. These systems are advantageous over previously enjoymentd systems as they can be easily manipulated to change the output.Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) refers to the use of Numerical Control (NC) software applications to create G-code, which are the instructions fed to numerical control machines to publish the required output. The use of CAM has led to the production of high feel products. CAM can also be delineate as the process of producing a manufacturing plan for the design of tools and models , and coordinating the machines, and simulation. The plan is then carried out on the production line.For machines to operate, they require a form of control. There are various types of control mechanism obtainable including manual control, automatic control and computer control. Machines used for mass production are often evaluate to produce to repeat similar operations precisely and fast. They should repeat these processes repeatedly. This requires automation to improve the speed of these processes. prevalent techniques that are used in the control systems of machines include electrical systems, pneumatic systems, and mechanical systems. For such systems, if a change is required, the procedures necessary to effect the change are long, tedious, and expensive. Advances in computer and electronic technologies have been use to design systems that are more flexible. The use of these technologies leads to an increase in the efficiency of machinery produced. The products produced are of better quality and are cheaper (Elanchezhan, Sunder &

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Challenging Current Boundaries & Perceptions of Emergency Care Essay

Challenging reliable Boundaries & Perceptions of necessity Care - Essay ExampleThe researcher of this proofreading analyzes the expression, that discusses on the implications that sack work, particularly night work, has on nursing and the well being of individuals as well as patient care. It gives practical advice about how to make love with night shifts and also gives suggestions on the slipway of improving health and well being. All of these could be examined and be as to how it could be implemented in an emergency care noteting. However, they do not detail the ways to cope with the turnaround from nights to days, the legal requirements in relation to the above, the health and safety issues associated with shift work and with prevails health. In addition, it is stated that patients safety has been poorly explored. They have also failed to investigate the effectiveness of set shift patterns whether they are permanent night staff or set pattern of rotation. While the article title could mislead one to believe that it deals with both night and day shifts, the article, however, is centred on night shift work only. Shift work is defined as a period of work performed outside the blueprint spread of working hours, particularly in a factory or business that operates on a 24 hour basis. Nurses, in general, are expected to work a period of night job and be able to demonstrate an understanding of patient experiences of health care 24hours a day and heptad days a week, but there is contradiction with this, that was analyzed in Challenging Current Boundaries & Perceptions of Emergency Care paper in detail.

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Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing Essay - 1

Effective leadership and Management in Nursing - Essay ExampleThe proverb says A leader knows the way and a leader shows the way. This describes what a leader should be. The methods of leadership differ as we come across different disciplines, only when the ideals of leadership be similar everywhere. My personal view on leadership is that the leader should know the visions and goals of the root word he or she is leading and know how to accomplish this goal utilizing the resources available. In my opinion, a leader is in like manner a get awayr, as he has to manage his resources properly. A group without a charismatic leader is like a building without a strong foundation. It can collapse anytime.As mentioned above, there are some(prenominal) aspects of management in leadership. But management is only a part of leadership, and leadership has many new(prenominal) constituents in it. In a document by Thomas International Ltd (2008), it is written that leaders manage long-term g oals and they are entitled to inspire their group. The leaders decide the targets and time-frames for the group. They must impart clearly what outfit is expected from their group and the methods and ideals that must be followed by the group members. Managers are to handle matters rather diplomatically, and they are assigned to manage the processes in producing the output that the leader has indicated. Their job is rather appointive or directive. Skills in concept making, public relations, and technology are expected from them. For example, in a company, its CEO is the leader and its HR manager is a person who manages processes in building the output set by the CEO. As for nursing, we harbor nursing stations in every hospital, and a nursing administrator will be give as a leader of other nursing personnel in order to provide train nursing services to the patients. A note from the Ethiopia Public Health Training Initiative by the Addis Ababa University defines leadership in nursin g as follows

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Economics Quiz of Supply and Demand Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Economics Quiz of Supply and need - Case Study ExampleWith regards to the illustrated situation and the ancient internet cable, the cost can be allocated amongst the three parties equitably in the following way. Due to the fact that the cable that exists in Judah and Eastern capital of Israel accounts for 39 billion in investment, this represents a 40% share of the total project cost as a function of the total being 98 billion Judaic coin. Similarly, the Turkish line represents a further 50% of the total cost of the project with the final 10 percent being pass on out to the island of Rhodes. In this way, total price can be marginally distributed by ensuring that each creditworthy party pays according to the percentage rates that their part of the project has necessitated with Turkey paying the highest rate followed by Jerusalem/Judah at ten percent less and finally Rhodes at 40% less than Turkey.

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Get Write Existing Data Sources Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Get Write Existing Data Sources - Coursework ExampleThe weakness of conducting matter question is that it is highly subjective and thitherfore is weak in terms of reliability (Maxfield & Babbie, 2006). Another weakness is that there can be disagreements between searchers concerning the events or subjects of the research.My research is on illegal in-migration and high plague rate in the United States of America. Based on my research proposal, the researchers will be collecting culture regarding the perception of hate crimes and illegal immigrants from U.S. residents. Therefore, field research is definitely appropriate for this research proposal.The participants in the field will provide significant information regarding their perception about the issues concerning illegal immigration with special tenseness on social crime rates in the area where they live. Being a resident in that area, participants can provide first hand information regarding illegal immigration and how it affe cts their daily life. Field research will therefore help to gather both qualitative and quantitative data regarding illegal immigration and hate crimes from the residents of the

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Motivating Employees and Team Building Research Paper

Motivating Employees and Team Building - Research Paper ExampleHeadquartered in Iceland the assembly operates in 28 countries with more than 7,000 employees. Actavis is one of the leading European providers of generic pharmaceuticals, with turnover and EBITDA in 2004 of EUR 452 one million million million and EUR 115 million, respectively. It develops manufactures and distributes generics under its take in brand name and acts as an outsourcing partner for other major pharmaceutical companies. The Bulgarian chapter of Actaviss history started in 1999 with the privatization of three state-owned pharmaceutical factories located in the cities of Dupnitca, Razgrad, and Troyan. In the five-year period to 2004, tout ensemble of them have been completely renovated in order to comply with the European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standards. Currently, Actavis operates in the country split into two divisions - Operations and Sales & Marketing. Actavis Operations is a holding company responsible for the management of the three factories providing excellent generic products, principally for the Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian and CIS markets. The Sales & Marketing division is represented in the country by Actavis Bulgaria EAD, a company registered under the Bulgarian law. It employs about 200 people and operates three wargonhouses in the country. Actavis Bulgaria EAD is mainly focused on marketing the Groups products as first-class generics on the Bulgarian market, which is the third biggest market for the companys own brand revenues worldwide.Motivation means different things to different individuals. For some, it may be an incentive and for others, a psychological financial backing or setting a good example. Motivation is something abstract and the difficulties arise when one tries to explain its mean and application. A wide variety of assumptions have been made on motivation by observing the endpoint behavior of motivation. Based on these assumptions and r esearch findings, motivation has been defined in a number of ways. howl defines motivation as a process, which governs choices made by persons or lower organisms among alternative forms of voluntary activity. (Vroom, 1964) Motivations are the act of inducing an individual to follow a desired feed in of march. The desired course of action may be for the good of the individual or for the one who is inducing the individual towards the desired course of action or both. Zedeck and blood contend that motivation is a predisposition to act in a specific goal-directed way. (Sedeck & Blood, 1974) According to Atchison Motivation is the immediate influence on the direction, vigor, and persistence of behavior. (Atchison, 1964) Gellerman defines motivation as steering ones actions towards certain goals and committing a certain part of ones energies to reach them. (Gellerman, 1963)

Film Critique Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

get hold of Critique - Movie Review ExampleThe three main women flakes in the film are Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock), Gertrude (Malin Akerman) and nanna Annie Gammy (Betty White). One can easily identify that these female characters are different in their roles. For instance, Margaret Tate is dominating, Gertrude is coldcock to earth, and Grandma Annie represents the upper crust. provided Krevolin (2011), points out that For an example of an energeiac structure that didnt work, take the Sandra Bullock amative comedy, The Proposal (p. 69). This comment does not prove that the film was a flop within the film field.Margaret Tate, works as an editor in a keep publishing company is the central female character in the film. One can easily identify that her life is fully immersed in the field of book publishing industry. Her role in the film is as a dominating character that is able to mark off all her subordinates including Andrew Paxton, her subordinate. Etaugh & Bridges makes cl ear that Many women seek to achieve success and better their own lives by means of individual efforts (p. 467). Her attitude towards her subordinates irritates them but she does not consider changing her attitude. In the film, her function is to be a bold lady with immense king to control her subordinates according to her will. Meanwhile, she came to know that the authorities are personnel casualty to deport her to Canada. But she was not ready to give up and decided to seek the help of her subordinate, Andrew Paxton. But Etaugh & Bridges makes clear about gender equality that As more and more women attain levels of power currently held by men, gender equality will begin to affect other areas (p.461). Later, she went to Sitka to prove that she is espouse to Andrew Paxton. This incident proves that Margaret Tate is ready to face challenges in her life. In the opening of the film, Margaret Tate is presented as an

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Reading and Thought Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Reading and Thought - Essay Examplehe writers of those ages in addition spent a lot of metre writing the material and paying close attention to what they wrote as it was detailed and deserved to be carefully read and thought about. There was a lot of clock for both reading and writing in those eras unlike today (Wreszin 109). I agree with the writer that the youthful material being printed is not worth sp devastationing time which is even not available press release over them and people are simply skimming through the material quickly not for noesis just just as a form of courtesy and waiting for what will be scripted tomorrow.The thesis statement has reminded me of several personal experiences with the modern written material the first one of which happened twain years ago. It was a particularly busy period in my office where I was an intern but as was my morning ritual, I had to see what was in the newspaper (a habit I have picked up from my parents). As usual the newspape r is flooded with a lot of information in different divides such as the local, national and international news, the lifestyle and gossip information columns as well as the fashion, obituaries, material estate, classifieds and lastly is the sports section. The information is simply overwhelming and requires a lot of time to go through it all, time which I did not particularly have that morning.I decided to skim through the information as I took the bus before I alighted at my destination to continue with my day which gave me around xv minutes to read through the whole newspapers. I decided to start with the news section and end with the lifestyle. What I skimmed through was not only boring but annoying to me. I am a television person and spend much of my free time watching the television or on the internet. I therefore read and watch a lot of news and the newspaper news was simply a repeat of almost all the news I had watched the previous night.The lifestyle section was also base d on information I had seen spreading all over the internet oddly

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Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Ball Mill Essay Example for Free

Factors Affecting the Efficiency of world Mill EssayBall mess about is the key equipment for grinding after the crush process, and it is widely used in the manufacture industries, such as cement, silicate, new building material, refractory material, fertilizer, ferrous metal, nonferrous metal and glass ceramics, and ball mill alike can be used for the dry and wet grinding for all kinds of ores and other grind-able materials. 1, The impact of media materialThe generally used crushing media mateial include various mine materials (manganese, copper, tungsten ore, chrome ore, etc. ), various types of rocknroll (limestone, granite, gneiss, basalt, gray rock, etc. and industry coal used in power.The hardness of the media is the main basis that determines the facing plate wear, the higher hardness of the media, the shorter service behavior of the liner, on the contrary, if the media is with a trim down hardness, the service life of the liner will be prolonged. 2, The impact of operating conditions1) Eliminate defects not timely. 2) Adjusting undeservedly makes the ball mill running at a short positions. 3, The impact of liner materialThe main parameters affecting the anti-wear effect is duplicate of the two index of hardness and impacting toughness of liner material.If the liner plate has a higher hardness, which meat it has a good wear resistance, and the two factor basically is a proportional relationship. The impacting energy depends on the size of the diameter of steel ball and grinding tube. 4, the impact of the ball mills designing and manufacturing and the initiation quality. The performance of the lining plate generally include the following two one is to protect the cylinder another is that the liner plate rotates at a specific speed to raise the ball to the demand height to achieve the desired effect.The quality of the liner plate is also direct factor affecting the normal operation of the mill. Those above are the main factors affecting ball mill liners, we recommend that you should foremost consult the expert before you buy a ball mill. And youd better go to the manufacturers with strength merchandise and reputable brand purchase. The structure is divided into integral type and freestanding type. Advantages of the machine are lower investment, energy saving, structure novelty, easy and safe to operate, stable and reliable performance, etc. It is suitable for mixing and move of general and special materials.

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Quality of Life for the Patient and Family Essay Example for Free

Quality of look for the Patient and Family EssayQuality of life has a different meaning for everyone. Many individualised thoughts and feelings rear end come into play when caring for others during the end stages of life. However as a absorb and likegiver, these opinions must be put aside at this signifi nominatet time. For some health care providers, we whitethorn feel that tutelage the enduring comfortable and having them surrounded by family is most important. However, for the patient of, personal culture, lifestyle and value for one self as strong as a sense of independence in handling this time un loving is most imperative. Therefor a nurse must consider the individuals past experiences, present lifestyle and personal hopes in which they choose to live in relation to their goals, expectations, standards and concerns at this stage. One must meet non only the physical needs of the patient scarcely the psycho friendly demands in this sensitive time of need. Seeking offensive medical checkup treatment vs. palliative care is something that is very personal and differs from individual to individual. Nurses opinions and suggestions of the best care should not be voiced to the patient or family, even if asked directly.For Mrs. doubting doubting doubting Thomas, time also plays an important role. She is young and may have many other worries than those of an older age experience in preparing for end of life. A nurse must consider what areas of life are important to her and what is the relative importance of each of these areas. Personal intuition that counting on family support is huge, but may not be possible in Mrs. Thomas situation as her children live out of town. STRATEGIES TO IMPROVE QUALITY OF LIFEThe nurse should look at several strategies that directly impact the patient as well as the family. Quality of life not only looks at the health statusthe patient but those directly involved in the care of the patient. This encompasses a broader set of proposening including finances, housing, and employment. This will have a direct impact on the constitutional family.Three important strategies that are helpful to relieve overall stress and promote optimal contend skills include 1) patient awareness of disorder process, 2) available support from healthcare providers and 3) addressing physical as well as the psychosocial needs of the patient. Healthcare professionals must be prepared and speak directly with the patient and family when it is rigid best to the physicians ability, that the identified disease of breast cancer will cause death. hap planning and preparation may be helpful in dying well if Mrs. Thomas is much aware about her status of disease.Physicians and nurses must change the plan of aggressive medical treatments of curing the disease of breast cancer and concentrate providing support and a comfortable well being of the deteriorating disease process. This in tress should provide a plan of care for relief of pain, contentment to the patient and focus on the overall whole being of quality of life.The homecare team can include doctors, nurses, home health aides, social doers, and clergy as well as trained volunteers. Most team fractions provide on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to deliver support. The patient and family should feel the comfort in calling these resources at anytime. The nurse must remind Mrs.Thomas and her husband that they are not bothering any team member by asking for instigateance. The team must always work together and make pass the patients goals for end-of-life care. It is important for all to realize this is very individualized for each patient and family member. Each individual dodge should include caring for the whole person physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. It important for the team to develop strengths based perspectives of psychosocial interventions and discover to what the patient and family have to say to enable them to cope bet ter.In doing so, the team must also communicate on each encounter with Mrs. Thomas and family as well as each other to forebode that her and the husbands needs are being met.HOLISTIC CAREA holistic nurse care plan in valuable in delivering care to the entire person in reenforcement the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social andenvironmental needs. With this approach, nursing care needs to move away from viewing Mrs. Thomas as merely a diagnosis and treating her as a whole person. Nursing goals should be to develop warm trust with the patient and family, provide comfort, supportive care, and symptom management.This can be achieved by effective parley and providing a calm, relaxed setting for Mrs. Thomas. Allowing her to speak openly and honestly about her feelings and emotions of grief, physical complaints such as pain, nausea, and hassle sleeping is a good way to start to develop a trusting nurse/patient relationship. As a nurse, one must be supportive and be willing t o listen openly. erst Mrs. Thomas begins to express these types of things, the nurse must review and evaluate every visit to improve proper(postnominal) concerns with her. More importantly, healthcare providers must display an receptiveness to hear new concerns and prioritize the needs of the patient and family.FUNCTIONAL ABILITYAssessments to maintain the self functional ability for Mrs. Thomas should include creating a plan to achieve realistic goals and allow self care as long as possible. This in turn can give control back to Mrs. Thomas, help raise confidence and value her quality of life. Mrs. Thomas physical, social and environmental conditions should also be considered to help her care for herself.Discussing the 24/7 availability of visits from registered nurses and social workers, involving family and friends or volunteers that can help with running errands and meal preparation for adequate dietary in gather in, and discussing appropriate medical equipment to assist with ADLs such as performing personal hygiene can prove to be helpful.PROVIDING excess CAREWhen self-care is no longer possible, the importance of more frequent nurse and/or social worker visits, and interaction of clergy is valuable. In addition, further involvement of supernumerary family, friends, home health aides or volunteers to assist not only with running errands, meal preparation and assistance with ADLs but being present in the home for longer periods to care directly for Mrs. Thomas becomes more imperative.The nurse can assist in making sure appropriate DME equipment is in the home. Inaddition, this turns out to be a time when additional emotional support is of great concern for Mr. Thomas.CHRONIC DEPRESSIONMr. Thomas already suffers from chronic printing and now has to endure immense and continuous stress to care for his married woman with advanced breast cancer. everywhere time this takes a toll his health, ability to work, finances, and their own personal and family need s. Involvement of not only the nurse, but also social worker and bereavement counselor can help Mr. Thomas tremendously. Encouraging him to take his medications will help both him and his wife. Also, reassurance that it is okay to want quiet time and allowing others to help to care for his wife should be verbalized to him in a caring manner.Taking some of the financial worries away from Mr. Thomas may help as well. The social worker can discuss resources that are of no speak to from community volunteer organizations and review the reimbursement of covered services from the insurance organization at the beginning and in ongoing care of his wife. Sharing the right information with the patients family is very important and can assist in better coping. Again, the home care team must offer an environment that provides the openness to hear all concerns and overall needs of not only the patient but also her family.

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Public Governance in England Essay Example for Free

frequent plaque in England Essay organization faecal matter be defined as how topical anesthetic government bodies exercise and control structure and processes of local authorities to manage their communities under one umbrella. These local bodies ensure spirit service to the people and preface communities in a commitworthy way (Governance). The map of governance is to give clear directions, facilitate brand-new projects, acts and take steps for any foreseen danger to the community. creation governance deal with common sector and is unploughed under constant review. It sets out clear principles for the administration to arrange for state- plump fored regulation. The treasury report states that UK expending had increased to 500 by the year 2005 and 2006. Public governance would include policy making and providing quality service to public related offsprings including housing, sanitary, health, education, sewage and water supply management. Public governance ensu res quality run to the citizens and taxpayers. In public governance there is no acquit code or any same code of principles. However, there is an alternative individual codes and guidance that are limitedally made for individual specific public bodies.In 2004 a commission comprising key leaders from public was established by ternion different institutes, Chartered institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA), the Office of Public Management (OPM) and Joseph Rowntree foundation. The final stage was to establish good governance principles for public services equivalent to Combined Code. These principles would support publicly funded bodies.The safe(p) Governance Standard For Public was published in 2005 by the commission that addressed issues for the members of public, governing bodies, public services, organizations, governors and those who develop codes for governance ( wakeless Governance Briefing).The governance of both public and private sector are combined and supe rvised by the unitary board model. This board is formed by executive and non-executive directors who are responsible for management of daily business and those tasks that are independent of the management respectively. The board functions to monitor both the governance.The quality of the boards of public governance and private governance is somewhat similar, but public sector is more complex. In public governance there is no standard organisational shape and no legislation operate public bodies. That is, public services do non doing under any legislative framework kind of they have unified boards of independent executive and non-executive directors.Most non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs) are exclusively comprised of non-executive directors. Some organizations have both executive and non-executive, while some other operate under one chief executive who is the top level member of the board and there is no other equivalent executive with him (Good Governance Briefing).Superviso ry boards are formed by the members from diverse stakeholders and are much larger than unified boards.Good governance is very important for successful public administration. Public sector failure results from low governance. However, the poor governance is not just the result of any poor performance in single issue or service (Governance). But poor governance results from a number of factors that when combined pose several(prenominal) problems in the public sector administration. The quality of service by the public governance matters a split for the people to gain trust in that government. To gain trust from its people public governance moldiness offer quality service and assure them strait-laced security, health, education to live in prosperous society. press release of public trust is of immense importance for the public government. Once people do not support that government then it can threaten their accomplishment as a healthy government.Public governance must follow good governance policies and its main goal is to have a lot of trust from its people. Public government can have good image by having good support from its people. In forming rules and regulation public government will always keep in mind the facilities for the people of community. Public governance strives for quality service in education and health to its people. Once people choose not to support that government and not to participate in voting or vote against it then it can be fragmented (Governance).Public government is besides responsible for health and sanitary conditions in the community. It is tangled in operating public hospitals and is responsible for maintaining high standard of medical treatment, medical services, cleanliness and sanitation of the hospitals. Public run hospitals must have proper healthcare system in order to provide proper health to the community and its people (Stolzenber). It is the responsibly of the governance to adopt strategies to preserve its viable function and also improve its structure to attain high health standards.Characteristics of public governance must be strong enough to participate in the market-driven economy. The infrastructure of the governance must be efficient and flexible to operate independently of the bureaucratic impediments. Only high standards of governance can lead to successful and prosperous communities.In public governance some departments have independent lay members and magistrates. These include police authorities. The Local regime Act 2000 developed three different types of political structures to be followed by local authorities. Each local body will develop proposals to adopt any of the three structures either as an executive role or scrutiny role. The council of higher education mainly adopts the executive role.There are around 450,000 governors in the public service organizations. Every governor is responsible for leading and directing the workforce, organizing their tasks and fulfill their ma in objectives. They work for the public interest.ReferencesNew Charity Regulation. http//lawreview.kentlaw.edu/articles/80-2/Morris.pdfStolzenber, Edward A. Governance Change for Public Hospitals. Retrieved from http//www.ache.org/mbership/advtofellow/caserpts/governance99.cfmGovernance. Retrieved from http//www.improvementnetwork.gov.uk/imp/core/page.do?pageId=1007044

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The Devil and Tom Walker Essay Example for Free

The Devil and tomcat carriage EssayThe Devil and Tom Walker is a cautionary tale about the result of rapaciousness and cruelty. The parable is filled with dark ruminations of nature, forbidding forests and secret, stolen wealth. 1 The proverb assumes the reader is long-familiar with Biblical terminology, much(prenominal) as Israel or ZionWalkers. These terms presume the reader is familiar(p)ly familiar with Christianity. The invention is precluded to a particular(prenominal) region, Boston and New England. This is an interesting tidbit, the proverb appears to be as familiar to Northerners as argon the tales of Brer hyrax are to Southerners. Each are filled with types of behavior and an ultimate moral conclusion. The aspects of nature in this story is an interesting aspect of American Romanticism. The forests are dark and danger is implied throughout the story. The description of Toms house as something of such pallor, of such demeanor to forbid strangers or travelers fr om coming near. Even the lone horse is expound as decimated and longing for escape from this cruel entrapment. This type of treatment carries over, even when Tom achieves success. His greed scarce grows, as does his cruelty.The story continues in cautioning the reader in engaging in fancied Christianity. The life of Tom is filled with loneliness, cruelty, greed, and a form of religion that cannot offer solace to the insincere. The reader is assumed to have an intimate form of knowledge of Christianity. The terms Israel, the City of God and Zionwalkers those who at the least profess the doctrine of Christianity. The emblem appears to take a negative aspect of Christianity, clearly warning the reader of any form of false religion.Although Tom begins to attend Sunday Service and carry his Bible in his pocket and even kept a bible on his workshop table. In the end the Bible is not a salve factor, left perhaps forgotten in the end in the heat of Tom greedily pickings from the poor , an express sin in Biblical terms. This tale appears to have been known throughout New England. Quakers and Anabaptists1 are mentioned twice in the story. These two types of beliefs were considered exceptionally odd compared to the Puritan belief.The Quaker2 organized religion has always been considered strange, because of the way the faith is practiced. The Quakers are unusual in that those of this faith are extremely devoted in that these people of faith attempt to live out their faith through non violence and acts of contrition and charity. This is adverse of the Puritan faith which equates secular wealth with the blessings of God. 3, that is, one who is materially successful must be of or blessed by God and therefore destined for Heaven.The Anabaptists1 were considered unusual in that those of this faith acted independently from any type of hierarchical method of church administration. Anabaptists acted independently from any authority other than the believed hierarchy of God, that is there was nor could there be any authority higher than God alone. 3 The tale of Tom Walker and the Devil is truly reminiscent of a story reminiscent of a book by Stephen King, Needful Things4, especially in the ending. Throughout the story the assistant is described as being dark and gruff, which is also true of other story by Stephen King, The Stand.Stephen King of a New England background would have likely been very familiar with this very old story, this being so, his writing reflects the character of Old Scratch. In the ending of Needful Things the title-holder escapes via a horse drawn hearse, which takes easily to the air granting this creature or being immediate escape. The protagonist in both The Stand and Needful Things is described as ethereal, without any true form, but with the big businessman to take the form of that which is acceptable to the desired soul.

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Globalization on Chinese Society Essay Example for Free

Globalization on Chinese Society experimentOur research aims to discover peculiarities of ideology in mainland chinawargon. Its going to highlight integrating values, legitimating the governing bodys policies and continued authority. The study is a review of articles by David Lynch, Gordon W fixe and Feng Chen. From the recent past years up to this come out of time, chinaware has been taking part in extensive economical globalization activities exchangeable facilitating bring protrude trade policy. chinas new economic openness has resulted to remarkable growth slides. It has been practicing its go out policy by participating in the international grocery competitions. Observers pay off also billetd any(prenominal) major changes in the Chinese media in coping up with globalization. With chinawares entry to the terra firma Trade Organization, structural reforms have taken place and more and more researchers have focused their interestingness on the interaction bet ween Chinese media particularly television and the world at large. Currently, China is unagitated in a whirl and sways with various ideologies such as a waning communist ideology, an change magnitude conservatism, as well as panopticism.Various ideologic trends such as globalism, nationalism, individualism and pragmatism argon likewise alive and under further exploration especially by Chinese youths. The pursuit of the leftists who baffle to the theory of socialism, elect to preserve the fundamental purity of the collectivized economy and accede authority. Meanwhile, reformists have argued that China should rather enrich its market economy and the rights to property. Besides, reformists want to recognize private entrepreneurship to join the Party. There exists close to few numbers of youths having true belief in communism.Most of them, however, want membership to the Party as a stepping ladder in gaining their individual objectives. In more or less of the researches, David L ynch (2000 (Lynch, 1999, p173) has focused his objects on what expectations the ingenious and political elites expect leading to same changes in China for the years ahead. The objects include linked issues on almost domestic and political affairs, the condition capability of China as a nation, how the party state would defend its national identity as well as its cultural heritage and integrity in the face of the raging and deepening effects of globalization.Besides, Lynch assesses on how China aligns its new development and applied science in directing its societys future. With the continued transformation of the media including print, TV, the Internet, the entry of some foreign TV programming and the likes now depends mostly on the supply and demand and the behavior of the controlling party. The improvements of local or domestic contents have rivalled foreign counterparts.Lynch also assessed the trends in censorship and found some possible means by which media could maybe find ways of overcoming or avoiding rules, laws, problems, or difficulty to government restrictions of imported as well as local media contents. Briefly, Lynch tries to arrive at a point when the communist governments hold on Chinas domestic affairs would fashion loose due to the use of new technology. Dilemmas of Thought Work in Fin-de-Siecle China reports that in may 1997 was established special organ of the Party Central Committee Central Guidance Committee on Spiritual Civilization Construction.This fact indicates the seriousness of intentions in pursuing the spiritual civilization line. Thought piddle refers to Chinese Communist Partys attempts to transmit socialist ideology and to control ideas of the masses so that they will comply to the demands of the national development plan. In his article Lynch argued that the governments efforts to build a socialist spiritual civilization in China failed. He reason that governments attempts to limit chafe to global media and control p olitical discourse turn out to be ineffective.Lynch reports the Chinese Ministry of domain Securitys estimate that as numerous as 620,000 Chinese had access to the internet in 1997, with a climb on to 4 meg expected by 2000 (Lynch, 1999, p. 193). The propaganda state is indeed crumbling. The author reports that Chinese children play cops and robbers who demand the cops to inform the robbers of their rights before taking them into detention, as they have seen in American movies (Lynch, 1999). Other political writers like Feng Chen and Gordon White agree that Chinas Chinese Communist Party is capable of adapting itself to the changing political climate.Moreover, Chinas leaders could strengthen its position like having political legitimacy by re-inventing itself and continue some evolutionary tuning to reinforce the CCPs legitimacy. Nevertheless, evolutionary refining is a hit and miss system that nobody can guaranty its success. Gordon White primarily focused on the politically engaged society in China. According to White politically-engaged society proved to be a perdurable theme in Chinese politics. Riding the Tiger concludes that societys political engagement with the state will bod future of the state. For example,There may be a form of Chinese Brezhnevism to see out the millenary as the current leadership tries to stay in power. If this is indeed the case, then the political contradictions and trends which I have identified will intensify and make it more likely that the transition, when it comes, will be sudden, radical and possibly violent. (White, 1993, p. 255) Even if the market composes predominant through radical reform and even if it takes a capitalist form, which is precise probable, there is a continuing need for a new form of developmental state to take onsocial and economic problems such as market failure and its consequences for the poor.In the short term, moreover, the role of the state is even more crucial because of the need to br eak through the hard policy constraint and manage the transition from a planned to a market economy. This is a processwhich is fraught with instability and tensions arising from the opposition of vested interests, threats to economic security, pretentiousness and growing inequality. A strong state is needed to provide the political order and guardianship necessary to underpin this transition and regulate an emergent market economy in a vast and increasely complex country. (White, 1993, pp.238-9) As Gordon White has observed in Riding the Tiger, an attempt to establish a political system that can serve as an alternative to both capitalist economics and liberal politics has not appeared to be possible in China Marxist-Leninist socialism has been incapable of reforming itself and that market socialism rather than saving its bacon, cooks its goose (White, 1993, p. 12). White was writing at the start of the 1990s. Civil society-like forms emerged in China in the 1990s. That process the result collapse of the state structure, as it was in Soviet Union. just now for the time being the Party-state still remains in command. As it was noted in Riding the Tiger, to the tip the economic reforms were the spearhead of an attempt to resuscitate the political fortunes of Chinese state socialism, they can be judged to be a dismal failure(White, 1993, p. 233). By the millennium China was certainly the most successful of the socialist states in adjusting to capitalism. Yet at the same time socialism remains in place in China and power is monopolized by the Communist Party.White denoted this combination as market Stalinism (White, 1993, p. 256). White suggests that the increasing prevalence of the elements of a civil society does not point toward an evolution into more liberal governance with market-oriented economy and multiparty political system. The author also noted that in Chinese society there are some groups that didnt make benefits from the reforms. These would includ e state officials and state workers, women and the unemployed and floating populationsFear of threats to status, power or income disappointment because the reforms were delivering less than they had promised disgruntlement arising from the red-eye disease concerns that gains already achieved were in danger of erosion (through inflation and leadership mismanagement) contrarily, impatience at a deceleration of the reforms and anxiety at an acceleration. (White, 1993, p. 217) slightly observers have concluded that the efforts of the Central Party in building some thought works on socialism in China has been not effective. Moreover, they gravitate to some extent.Formerly, China firmly opposed globalization as it disrupts some global institutions. Today, China is one of the firm advocates of liberalization and globalization, opening its trading system to the world. Slowly simply surely, the Chinese system has now been updating itself on the rule of law, adapting many foreign laws to tr ansform its civilization. Chinas success through globalization, which happened in a short time, has indeed uplifted the standards of living of many workers. With such economic success arising from the impact of globalization, China has learned some stressful and painful lessons adjusting itself.Some of the effects include the decline of state employment from 110 million in 1995 to 66 million in March 2005, the lost of 25 million jobs in the manufacturing establishments, and the consolidation of some 125 simple machine companies to just six firms. Its recent economic growth has revived and revved up the economy of Japan and kept safe its neighboring countries from recession, which otherwise could have led to a risky global downturn. With the prevailing trend of globalization, the process has deeply influenced the study habits, last, and consumption styles of the youth (ACYF).They now believe that English is a underlying skill and reference for one to acquire a degree. As more and more Chinese youths go out to study abroad, more and more of them have returned home, which benefits their culture. The youths now could avail some entertainments made in the USA, Europe, and elsewhere via television, films, videos, and the internet. Even internet games or serial TV programs from Japan or Korea have become the favorite of young students. Young people now in China are learning more the facts of life, society, and world affairs through the said media.When educators, scholars, officials, and artists speak of culture, this includes both the physical and non-physical aspects. The physical or poppycock aspects include sites, landscapes, monuments, buildings, and like objects whereas non-physical aspects include music dance, language, poetry, and the like, which have been associated with Chinas social practices. The non-physical culture is Chinas living heritage is passed from one generation to the other. In reality, one should accept the fact that culture cannot be easi ly isolated from the influence or effects of globalization (UICIFD).To conclude the work we should note that ideology is still alive in China. The Chinese communist regime didnt decline its ideological absolutism. The Communist Party alone that possesses the universal truth and represents the fundamental interest of the people (Guo, 1995, p. 84). In fact, monoamine oxidase Zedong thought or Deng Xiaoping theory was adapted by the post-Mao party leadership in accordance with the changes of the Chinas specialized conditions. But this modification does not suggest discarding the fundamental principles and norms, hardly renovation within the same grassroots framework of development of Marxism.But post-Mao regime has cautiously modified some of Maos doctrines through the official recitation of the sacred text (Guo, 1995, p. 84-85). As Feng Chen asserted, agricultural decollectivization in China was not an equivalent of privatization, but only the transformation of the rural economy i nto a new type of collective economy, characterized by compounding public ownership of the land with totally individualized operations of production (Feng Chen, 1998, p. 82). To the post- Mao leadership, such an arranging is defined as the separation of land ownership rights and land use rights (Feng Chen, 1998, p. 88).Land in China remains under public ownership. Reference List White, G. (1993). Riding the Tiger The Politics of Economic disentangle in Post-Mao China. Stanford, CA Stanford University Press London Macmillan. Lynch, D. (1999). Dilemmas of Thought Work in Fin-de-Siecle China. China Quarterly, 157. Guo, S. (1995). Totalitarianism An overage Paradigm for Post-Mao China? Journal of Northeast Asian Studies, 14 (2). Chen, F. (1998). Rebuilding the Partys normative Authority Chinas Socialist Spiritual Civilization Campaign. Problems of Post-Communism, 45 (6).

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Services Of A CPA Essay Example for Free

Services Of A certified public accountant EssayApart from regular functions like auditing the accounts of a company, tax planning, investment planning, a certified Public Accountant is having multifarious role in these ever-changing corporate climate and this essay reveals some(prenominal) of the new roles assigned to them.CPAs advising role to Non Profit OrganizationCPA can indicate the non profit organisations to obtain tax exempt status. CPAs playing in their role as Non Profit organizations volunteers, employees, directors, advisors and auditors can provide help to improve NPO governance and transparency. CPAs should consider to reassure that an organization is not in danger of engaging in inurnment or an excess benefit transaction. tough should advise the NPOs to shun always from political and lobbying activities so as to retain their exemption status. A CPA can assist NPOs in establishing strong oversight, governance policies and procedures, accountability and fiscal r esponsibilities as a director, independent accountant, and employee, volunteer.CPAs as advisors in Changing Valuation FieldThe line of products valuation bailiwick has undergone a remarkable change. The Uniform Standards of Professional appraisal Practice (USPAP) standardized the process and explanationing of the business valuations .The following court rulings Kumbo Tire Company v. Carmichael and Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals have had major ramifications on the field of USPAP.Daubert and Kumbo and the IRS regulations on sufficient disclosure on gifts have all poignantly enhanced what had been inconsistent and fallible valuation practices. Hence CPA having skill, knowledge, experience, education, and training in business valuations can advice in this regard .A CPA runs the hazard of having testimony disqualified, or having a gift of stock pulled back into a decedents estate at fair market value years beyond the statute of limitations., if he errs in his valuation techn ique.CPAs function in turnaroundsCPA have the experience and training to check the financial deterioration of a company and factors signifying an incipient financial crisis and they have also talents to serve in keys roles in subsequent corporate turnarounds. The method is characterized by three stages stabilization, crisis and rebuilding.A CPA can guess the financial implications of intermediate, alternate and long-term turnaround plans, supervise controls to achieve proper resource allocation, construct systems, and report turnaround strategy and they are vital in its successful implementation because they are accountable for playacting diagnostic reviews and operational audits, preparing documentation and developing systems for internal control and financial reporting.REFERENCESClaudia L.Kelly, Susan Anderson, (2006), The CPAs office staff in Governance, Accountability and Transparency, The CPA Journal Online, August 2006 Issue.Quintero, Ronald G (1989), The CPAs role in turn arounds. The CPA Journal online, September, 1989 issue.

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Canada, America, and the Post Industrial Society Essay Example for Free

Canada, the States, and the Post Industrial social club EssayThe unite States of America is one of the ball-shaped powers. On the other hand, Canada, which is close to America, is also a large country that has a big economy. in that location are similarities and differences between the two countries. Some of the similarities are language spoken, religion, literacy, GDP growth per decade, and land area. major(ip) languages spoken in both countries are mainly English, Spanish, and French. Major religions in both countries are Protestant and Catholic. Both countries also have the same literacy rate of 99% and the same gross domestic merchandise or GDP growth rate per decade of 10%. Also, the land area of the two countries does not differ that much. Nevertheless, in terms of total area, Canada is big than the U. S. Canada has a total area of 9,984,670 foursquare kilometers or 3,855,103 square miles while America has a total area of 9,826,630 square kilometers or 3,794,083 squar e miles. Canada is bigger than America by 1. 6% of its total area or about 158,040 square kilometers or 61,020 square miles (United North America). On the other hand, some of these differences include total area, population, GDP, unemployment rate, and life expectancy.With a population of 301,139,947 which is 9 times the population of Canada, America has a great advantage over Canada with a population of single 33,390,141. Another difference between both countries is GDP. The GDP of America is relatively higher than that of Canada. The GDP of America is US$ 13. 458 trillion, which is 11 times the GDP of Canada, compared to US$ 1. 287 trillion GDP of Canada. There is also a disparity in the unemployment rate of both countries. The unemployment rate in America is 5. 1%, which is lower compared to 6. 8% of Canada. Life expectancy in the U. S.is also lower compared to Canada. Americans can live up to 78 long time while Canadians can live up to 80 years (United North America). The Featu res of Post Industrial Society Knowledge is a very all-important(prenominal) factor in our society today. In a patch industrial society, everyone relies on information. Hence, exchange of information is highly regarded in a bet on industrial society. info is gathered with the use of various data processors, record keeping, market research, etc. As to its economic sectors, the site industrial society is rund by the 3rd sector, otherwise known as the services sector.Thus, the strain opportunities mostly include jobs that offer services. Examples of these jobs are train services and computer services, among others. In a post industrial society, productivity can be seen through the primary sector and the secondary sector because of the contributions of the tertiary sector due to the transition from goods production to provision of services, one of this societys most important features (Gershuny 1-10). Another significant feature of the post industrial era is that the importance of blue collar comes to dominate the economic world.Knowledge as said earlier is also an important aspect of this society. especially theoretical cognition (Ritzer 9).Works Cited Gershuny, J. What do we do in Post-industrial Society? University of California, Los Angeles. April 2004. 04 November 2008 http//international. ucla. edu/media/files/LAwhatdo. pdf. Ritzer, G. The Blackwell Companion to Major Contemporary Social Theorists. Maldem, Mass. Oxford Blackwell, 2003. United North America. Similarities Differences Between Canada United States. 1 January 2007. 04 November 2008 http//www. u

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Early Childhood Trauma Lives on in Adulthood Essay Example for Free

archaean Childhood Trauma Lives on in Adulthood EssayAb economic consumptiond chelaren eventuall(a)y drive chore adults who are a burden to society. Recent studies reveal the significance of booting in the cross-generational transmission of aggressive or b early(a) behaviour up to three continuous generations. Stable evidence has long recognized and document the negative effects of aggressive or harsh and inconsistent elevateing and identified the need for interventions that would foster crack parenting skills. These new findings provide the direct link between the incidence of barbarian maltreatment and the emergence of riddle expression later in life. Child abuse may be tangible, emotional, sexual or through and through neglect.Child Protective agencies findd and investigated three one million million reports of maltreatment of close to four million infantren in 1999, 54% of which were due to neglect. But because most of the victims were in addition young a nd too afraid to speak out, these agencies believed that the literal incidence was greater than reported. While it occurred in all social, ethnic and income groups, child abuse was most crude among poor, under-educated and dysfunctional families and committed mostly by parents themselves who were young, unmarried or separated, lonely and coping with lifes stresses but not criminal or psychotic.Un-addressed incidence of child abuse increases the risk of criminality, academician visitation and failed social relationships in later life. Present literature presents conclusive findings that parent-toddler relationship directly affects the toddlers problem demeanor, with deviant or aggressive maternal behavioral attitudes crossing and spanning three continuous generations from grannie to the child .A make offers meaning(a) evidence that angry, aggressive parenting strongly influences the education of aggressive behavior in adolescence through social learning and often results in u nsatisf bearory romantic and marital relationships and conditions. Findings too show that financial inconvenience and improper parenting produce problem behavior n children and that poor or injurious maternal attitudes lead to it. Antisocial and raving mad behavior in children and adults is similarly seen as the proceeds of birth complications and certain biological factors when combined with a negative home plate atmosphere.Family relationships strongly affect a childs self-esteem and the impact often remains through life. Collusion among siblings also contributed to the development of faulty behavior in children who were abused at home. Boys were more(prenominal) affected by peer rejection and girls, by low academic performance Abused pre inculcateers often came from low-income families and exhibited at least one antisocial behavior each day in class.Most of these children were African-American who suffered from ill-doing and self-blame but most mformer(a)s of both proble m and non-problem children viewed their children in similar ways . Popular myths conduce to wrong beliefs and must be guided by scientific knowledge. And despite much knowledge and effort, there remains the need for consistent and thorough mechanisms that entrust confront the issue and arrest the causes or conditions in preschool age right at the family and in the community.Subjects and participants in the studies included parents of children with problem behavior, adolescent parents, grandmothers of problem children, other family members with a target child at mellowed risk for sibling secret approval, mothers of non-problem children, respondents to 39 studies of biosocial interactions, demographic sub-groups (such as African-Americans) and normative samples of preschoolers exhibiting antisocial behavior. Child mistreatment or abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual or in the form of neglect.Neglect was the most common geek and the perpetrators were mostly parents who themselv es were abused as children. Irritable and aggressive parenting led children to grow up into wobbly, under-controlled adolescents and adults with troubled relationships, families and parenting in later life. This type of parenting passed from the first to the third generations through the behaviors of the children who learned and engendered them mainly from their mothers birth behaviors.This antisocial behavior that began from home increased the risk of criminality, academic failure and social relationship problems. Financial stress had a strong impact on parenting quality that transmitted antisocial behavior from generation to generation 4 studies directly showed and reinforced earlier findings of this intergeneration transmission, demonstrated by preschoolers at least once daily in class. These preschoolers came mostly from low-income families, most boys influenced by peer rejection and most girls, by low academic performance.Sibling collusion and biosocial factors aggravated an d reinforced the formation of antisocial behavior from children who were abused. Mistreated African-American children experienced more guilt and self-blame than Caucasian children. car park beliefs virtually childrens misbehavior also clashed with scientific knowledge. All conditions pointed to the need for competent mechanisms of early intervention that would consistently and thoroughly address the problem or question at the life-or-death preschool age of children . Child abuse is the physical, sexual, emotional mistreatment or neglect of a child.About half of all cases of child abuse involve neglect, committed most often by the childs own parents, other family members and solicitudetakers, such as teachers, babysitters, other children or even strangers. Once viewed as a pocket-size social problem, child abuse caught closer notice from the media, law enforcers and professionals and, since then, figures began to go up. But authorities claimed that authentic figures could only be higher than these, because abuses on children were more often hidden and the victims were too young and too afraid to report the crime.Child protective agencies investigated three million reports on the mistreatment of nearly four million children in 1999 and found that 54% of these were cases of neglect. They also discovered that a child was often a victim of more than one form of abuse, that it occurred more in low-income than high-income families with little education, among young mothers, single-parent families and in families where the parents were alcohol or drug-dependent. Investigations revealed that 90% of these parents, however, were neither criminal nor morally unstable, but were lonely, young, single parents with unwanted pregnancies.Some or more of them were themselves abused as children, but statistics show that most abused children did not grow up to become abusive parents. Behavioral experts pointed to the deprivation of parenting skills, unrealistic expectati ons of childrens behavior and capabilities, social isolation and family conflicts as surplus factors that contribute to child abuse, which they perceived as the parents coping response to their situation. The agencies 1999 investigations showed that 75% of perpetrators were the parents themselves and those involved in the care of these children.Physical abuse is the deliberate bodily injury on a child, most often a male (Black 2004). Earlier studies showed that 24% of all confirmed cases of child abuse were physical. The abuse is sexual if the child has not yet attained the age of legal consent and the abuse is performed for the sexual gratification of the abuser. The act may include sexual touching, intercourse, exposure of sexual organs or viewing pornography. In many sexual child abuse cases, the abuser was not a stranger or related to the child and one in five was under the age of legal consent himself or herself (Black).Reports also say that 20-25% of the cases were female an d 10-15% were male who were sexually violated by age 18 (Black). randy abuse, on the other hand, consists of acts of rejection, ignoring, criticizing, isolation, or terrorizing of a child, which results in his or her loss of self-esteem. These are verbal assaults, which reject, belittle or use a child as a scapegoat. Emotional abuse is the least reported because it often accompanies the other types and the hardest to prove And neglect is the failure to provide for the childs basic needs, whether physical, emotional or the lack of sustenance.Neglect accounted for 52% of all investigated reports of child abuse in 1996. Abusive parents physically afflict their child when they lose control even for normal actions like crying or a change in diapers. Non-abusive parents may at times get angry or upset, but remain genuinely loving, in contrast with abusive parents who harbor deep-seated hostility towards the child. Physical abuse can be guess with the common signs, such as burns, bruise s, bone or skull fractures. Death from physical abuse, such as the jolted baby syndrome, was among the leading causes for children less than a year old.Studies revealed that physical abuse changed childrens behavior in many ways. Psychological experts maintained that sexual abuse constituted sexual arousal in a child and the childs willingness to act on it, conditioned by alcohol, drugs or the misconception that there was zip wrong about the act. There were greater chances of sexual abuse if the child was developmentally disabled or vulnerable some way. This type of abuse was often discovered when genital or anal injuries or abnormalities, including the presence of sexually transmitted disease, were noticed in a child.Behavioral signs included anxiety, poor school performance, suicidal tendencies or attempts, excessive masturbation and an unusually sexualized behavior often gave sexual abuse away. Emotional abuse was often detected with the loss of self-esteem, sleep disturbance, headache or stomach ache, school absenteeism and deviation home. Neglect develops from a parents negative feeling towards a child or the parent may truly care but is unable to provide for the childs needs because of the parents depression, drug dependence, mental handicap or other problems.Findings said that neglected children did not receive sufficient nourishment or emotional and mental stimulation and this lack hampered their normal physical, social, emotional and mental development. Underweight, delayed language skills and emotional instability were among the consequences. Doctors, social workers, other professionals, child welfare agencies and the police conducted physical and psychological examinations and interviews of abused children. Reporting to the authorities, treating the childs injuries and protecting him or her from further harm were principal(a) measures in child abuse cases.These authorities could then evaluate if moving the child to another willing and qualified relative or a foster family would be in the best interests of the child, whether long or short-term Further investigation could reveal that the childs siblings were abuse victims themselves, as reports found that about 20% of siblings were child abuse victims themselves. These children wre observed to perform poorly in school, develop antisocial spirit or behavior, or turn to drugs or alcohol, try suicide or become emotionally unstable in adulthood.Parents mistreatment or abuse of their own children leads these children to form antisocial or problem behavior as adolescents and as adults. Previous and recent studies presented substantial evidence that angry, abusive and aggressive parental behavior tone ending over to these children up to three generations through social learning. These behaviors, therefore, directly influence the different social behaviors and relationships of their children in adolescence and adulthood. Parents anger, hostility or emotional support essentially de termines if a child will be a supportive or rejecting adolescent.Hostility towards parents and an adolescent conclusively predicts problematic romantic and family relationships later in his or her life. These latter studies also demonstrated that parenting in the first generation directly affected the bond between parents and child, one of the most historic human bonds in life. This study offered evidence of intergenerational continuity wherein aggression in youth is often followed by aggressive parenting. That kind of parenting, in turn, appears to contribution to aggression in children.This special(prenominal) study expounded on the utter significance of parenting in the intergenerational transmission of antisocial or problem behavior. It also explained how normative approval of aggression, aggressive fantasies and verbal aggression maintain aggressive behavior through time. shut up another study focused on the transmission of problem behavior from parents to toddlers, its appe arance in preschool and how it affects academic performance. It found that the characteristics of parent-child relationships tended to continue or replicate themselves across generations.It showed that a grandmother or mother who was refrigerating or dissatisfied exercised inappropriate control, which was characterized by conflict. This behavior model was copied by adolescent children who repeated it towards their own. The study added that the kind of behavior the grandmother towards the parent increased the probability of impulsiveness, rebelliousness, irresponsibility and other psychological problems in adolescent and the eventual parent-child relationship. This last study likewise explained how hostile maternal behaviors go through a cycle of intergenerational continuity.It suggested that aspects of parent-child relationships passed from generation to generation. They, thus, served as direct models of behavior and indirectly influenced the development of personality traits, whic h characterized the relationship. Parent-child relationship was an important mediator between the parents characteristics and those of the child. The study suggested that reducing the risk of transmission in the first two generations would invalidate the risk between the next two.The search for the connection between early childhood trauma or child abuse and the development of problem behavior later in life brought to light significant evidence of social and biological processes, which appeared to predispose children to antisocial behavior. This included of birth complications, a negative home environment of violence, hormones, neurotransmitters, toxins and drugs as having an impact on the development of problem behavior when the home environment or relationship reinforced their biologic effect.Still another study examined the level of intergenerational transmission and how financial distress and the parenting style affected the transmission. From interrogations and observations, i t found that antisocial behavior of both parents had similar impact on their children and that parents who were more consistent and warm had dismount development levels of antisocial behavior in their children. Fathers antisocial behaviors and mothers parenting had the strongest effects on childrens latter development of problem behavior and improper parenting style.Parallel studies discovered that preschoolers from economically disfavour families had a higher risk of developing antisocial behavior. The studies on preschool respondents said that 30% of those with misbehavior belonged to lower economic classes as compared to only 3% to 6% in higher economic classes. The preschoolers from lower economic classes also tended to develop lower or slower language ability levels and poorer social skills. They also authentic bad temper and temperament, which would become worse when their families confronted financial stressors and limited resources. 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Payroll System Essay Example for Free

payroll department System EssayChapter 1INTRODUCTIONBackground of the Study noneadays in all establishment are becoming advancedized, they use modern technologies to make their work fast, easy, and accurate in disposition to avoid waste of quantify and for the sake of precaution and security. It also helps human to solve and understand conglomerate riddle and analysis such us the computational need of humans. Especially to business establishment or corporation processing enormous data and complex transaction. payroll department is an example of a complex transaction because it is a slender business operation relations with numerous accounts and produce plenty and confidential files. payroll department is encompasses all(prenominal) employee of a company who receives a fixing wages or other compensation due to each. In a company, payroll is the sum of all financial records of salaries for an employee, wages, bonuses and deductions.In accounting, payroll refers to the amount stipendiary to employees for services they take into accountd during a certain period of time. Payroll plays a major role in a company for several reasons. From an accounting perspective, payroll is important because payroll and payroll taxes considerably affect the net income of most companies and they are subject to laws and regulations (e.g. in the US payroll is subject to federal and state regulations). From an ethics in business viewpoint payroll is a critical department as employees are responsive to payroll errors and irregularities good employee morale requires payroll to be paid timely and accurately. The primary mission of the payroll department is to ensure that all employees are paid accurately and timely with the correct withholdings and deductions, and to ensure the withholdings and deductions are remitted in a timely manner.This complicates salary payments, tax withholdings, and deductions from a paycheck. Companies typically generate their payrolls at regular intervals, for the benefit of regular income to their employees. The regularity of the intervals varies from company to company, and sometimes between job grades within a given company. Common payroll frequencies include daily, weekly, bi- weekly (once both two weeks), semi-monthly (twice per month), and to a somewhat lesser extent, monthly. Less common payroll frequencies include 4-weekly (13 times per year), bi-monthly (once every two months), quarterly(ones every 13 weeks), semi-annually (twice per year), and annually. Payroll Systems reduces employer costs, liability, and administrative burden through integrated solutions. Advantages include Flexible and comprehensive solutions that organize, integrate, and simplify complex business processesLiability reduction through diligent complaisance systems,support, and oversightAccurate and reliable processing and reportingSecure data management and transactionsApplying manual(a) procedure on a Payroll transaction involving the vast beat answer in that problem would be computer because computers can simulate enormous data and can process complex transaction in a fast and efficient way. It can generate numerous accounts and data accurately. A Computerized Payroll System will not only provide accurate calculation and fast process of Payroll transaction but it will secure data through security implementation and accordingly specify files provided by a well-designed database that will produce a paperless environment. The municipality of Sta. Josefa was created on March 1, 1965 under Republic Act. No. 1515. The municipality, as a political and corporate body, is mandated to ensure and support the preservation and enrichment of culture, promote health and safety, raise the right of the nation to a balanced ecology, encourage and support the development of appropriate and self- reliant and proficient capabilities, improve public morals, enhance economic prosperity and social justice, maintain peace and or der, and preserve the allayer and convenience of its people.Sta. Josefas primary vision is to grow as a prosperous and progressive agri-industrial municipality wherein people live peacefully in a just-clean and ecologically balance and God-loving community. Her mission is to promote genuine and alive(p) peoples participation in local development and governance geared towards equitable and stable economic development based on agri-industrialization, accessible service delivery and sustainable environmental management.The municipality maintained three types of fund, viz. General Fund, Special Education fund, and Trust Fund. The general fund includes the economic enterprises which the municipality runs, such asthe bring on Level Grain Center (FLGC), the Sta. Josefa Water Development System (SJWDS), the Motorpool Operations and the utilization of the 20% municipal Development Fund. Presently, Local Government Unit (LGU) of Sta. Josefa, Agusan Del tire is practicing the manual proces s on their Payroll System. It has go to pieces manual process for the Regular Employees and J.O (Job-Order) employees. The total number of employees in the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Sta. Josefa, Agusan Del Sur is 90 regular employees and 50 job-order employees.Statement of the Problems1. Time consuming process of payroll preparationThe LGU of Sta. Joefa unflustered using the manual method of payroll process. A lot of jobs are assigned to the payroll shaping machine and accounting clerk, with causes inconvenience to their services. In this method, it will need more time and manpower to have it off the payroll of each employee. 2. Laborious payroll processNobody could admit the inescapable occurrence that what makes the manual procedure take a long time to finish the task is due to the many another(prenominal) steps and processes to undergo. There is the collection of data such as DTR, REMITTANCES, and individual manual calculation of payroll. individual(a) data is transf erred through sheets, encoding and double checking after calculating. All this process requires labor and effort to complete the task. 3. Misposting and understating of employees dataThe logical process of manual procedure result to too much time consumption. It often times result in misposting and understating of each employees data of plenty of files that is hard to accommodate.Review of associate LiteraturePayroll System Development and Integration. The client provides Employee Benefits Consulting, Human Resource Services, Benefits Administration, and Payroll, Property and Casualty and other services for client companies, enabling them to focus on their core businesses. The Challenge The client had payroll as part of their vast array of services, but wanted to provide clients with a ace system of launch to manage and process payroll data.We compulsory to make a truly payroll integrated intersection from two separate systems with different programming, different databases and different technologies, said the companys Director of IT. It was critical to have the solution developed for us in a timely manner in order to maximize the benefits for our valued clients.The new solution would have to integrate a recently acquired nationally recognised payroll application ExecuPay with the clients already already-established Web-based human resources and based a benefits system, AccessHR. The solution needed to share data between the two databases of each product as well as provide web based screens to expose all the payroll functionality to the web-based users. All of this needed to be accomplished scum bag behind-the-scenes, without any loss of existing thought information or any complications for legacy users of the legacy HR benefits system, during or after integration.Our biggest challenge was that we specialize in HR benefits administration and consulting, not in package development, the Director of IT said. We chose Arris because the company had payment, insurance industry experience with some of their other clients. The Solution Arris identified the lucubrate requirements for the payroll functionality by analyzing the ExecuPay client application and then reverse engineering it to seamlessly integrate a single environment reverse-engineering that would give the client the desired single point of access.