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Management and Administration Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

focus and Administration - Case Study ExampleThis essay will also elaborate more on the possible solutions available to solve each problem identified. Thorough explanations accompanying my tributes will also be provided. Lack of trust within the focusing The Red Cross management and the subordinate staff affinity never had a strong foundation (Meyers & Young, 1996). This was due to the lack of communication and understanding among the entire staff. Consequently, all member of the staff was criticizing the management while the management criticized the junior staff. In addition to this, there were foul consequences for example some junior staff members were suspended without pay while others were relieved of their duties. Considering the factors that led to the management problem, there are various theories that different staff members have stated. The C.E.O of Red Cross known as Harold J. Becker was very uncomfortable at her position despite it being a prestigious position wit hin the organization. Apparently, she had decided to call it quits after she was attacked by critics within Red Cross. During the day in question, she was showing the jittery strain of the previous two months. She recalls the first time that she had commanded a huge disaster eternal rest effort only to endure humiliation and rejection of every order she gave by the Red Crosss 50 member board of governors. ... During these staff meetings, there should be an open forum where the people telephone line their grievances, complaints and dissatisfaction. Afterwards, the board should hold a meeting for the purposes of sorting out the major problems aired out. Individually, the most damaging aspect as a result of mistrust is the psychological impact that produces paranoid thoughts. Recommendations The strategies recommended are several(prenominal) for instance developing other familys hence gaining self empowerment. Other relationships to be developed are betwixt the junior staff and s enior staff for example the C.E.O did not have a working relationship with her junior staff hence the major reason why they were all criticizing her authority and leadership. Another recommendation is the creation of alternatives where individuals employ the principles of GRIT (Graduated and Reciprocated initiatives in Tension Reduction) (Fells, 2009). This is a strategy meant to disregard dysfunctional suspect in various levels of authority. Basically, GRIT consists of a series of steps meant to correct biased and distorted views, reduce tension cultivating an atmosphere of mutual trust. Resultively, this will enable a more co-operative approach enhancing effectiveness. GRIT good example once established distrust will subside as parties involved in arguments achieve a neutral ground. However, it is important to retain some retaliatory capacity. This is the ability to mount a defense should it wrench necessary and also build a reputation of trustworthiness through self defense b y stating facts. Incompetency within the organization In a confidential memo sent to the board of governors by Healy, she had complained about the irregularities within Red Cross. She ultimately laid out the

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