Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Reading and Thought Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Reading and Thought - Essay Examplehe writers of those ages in addition spent a lot of metre writing the material and paying close attention to what they wrote as it was detailed and deserved to be carefully read and thought about. There was a lot of clock for both reading and writing in those eras unlike today (Wreszin 109). I agree with the writer that the youthful material being printed is not worth sp devastationing time which is even not available press release over them and people are simply skimming through the material quickly not for noesis just just as a form of courtesy and waiting for what will be scripted tomorrow.The thesis statement has reminded me of several personal experiences with the modern written material the first one of which happened twain years ago. It was a particularly busy period in my office where I was an intern but as was my morning ritual, I had to see what was in the newspaper (a habit I have picked up from my parents). As usual the newspape r is flooded with a lot of information in different divides such as the local, national and international news, the lifestyle and gossip information columns as well as the fashion, obituaries, material estate, classifieds and lastly is the sports section. The information is simply overwhelming and requires a lot of time to go through it all, time which I did not particularly have that morning.I decided to skim through the information as I took the bus before I alighted at my destination to continue with my day which gave me around xv minutes to read through the whole newspapers. I decided to start with the news section and end with the lifestyle. What I skimmed through was not only boring but annoying to me. I am a television person and spend much of my free time watching the television or on the internet. I therefore read and watch a lot of news and the newspaper news was simply a repeat of almost all the news I had watched the previous night.The lifestyle section was also base d on information I had seen spreading all over the internet oddly

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