Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Hospitality Contract and Event Management Assignment

Hospitality Contract and Event Management - Assignment modellingThe key factor that leads to a person contracting a caterer is because of his expertise in the sector. The person believes that he is being involved with a professional in the provision of the various serve needed. A cutting caterer would not compromise on his/her calibre of product and provision of his/her services since he/she is there to define an early(a) contract or be recommended for his quality of his products and services.(Judge Advocate Generals School (United States. Army), American Bar Association. scratch of Public Contract Law2007) Another crucial characteristic is the manner he/she offers his/her services. Apart from the fact that the services should be of high quality, they should be offered at a considerable price and at the honourablely time. The set of a caterers product and services should be considerable and effective free from hidden charges. These date that the caterer remains competitive a nd wins most of the contracts in the market. Another key feature that is crucial as farthest as provision of services is considered is the punctuality of his/her services. The services should be at the right place, at the right time with the right people offering those services. Another main characteristic that features in a give contract is the innovation and new brilliant ideas. Catering sector is a competitive sector that requires caterer to be on their toes. Due to the fact that it is a dynamic sector makes it paramount to venture into new ideas that give attract customer for your products and services. They should offer the latest recipe of food, the latest outdoor propose and interior design that satisfies the customers (Judge Advocate Generals School (United States. Army), American Bar Association. Section of Public Contract Law2007) What caterer should be interested in is the satisfaction of his/her client. He/she should be pay attention to the way he/she prices his/her products, the way they deliver their products the quality of their products and the way they remain relevant I the sector. External factors affecting planning and management in the solution and contract sectors Introduction. A hospitality sector which includes event planners and caterers is affected by internal and foreign factors just like other business enterprises. Internal factors such as management, finances, the level of safety menu among other actors plays an important role in the functioning of this sector. There are other uncontrollable factors which are external but can be controlled by planning well and sound management. One of such factors is the doing of the economy of a country. A well performing economy with sable prices, availability of skilled labor, on the table tax policies, performance of macro institutions, ease to put and run businesses and stable foreign exchange unremarkably affects the smooth running of a business in the catering sector. When foreign ex change is unstable, prices are high, bring down expenditure by the government usually affects hospitality sector in the negative since there is cut transaction (Anton S, Bryn P 1987) Hospitality sector is established and hires within the laws of a country. The law gives the licensing and gives the guidelines on how to operate in the sector. There are different laws such as laws that govern the t environment that do affect the hospitality

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