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female versus male recovery rate essays

female versus male recovery rate essays THE RECOVERY RATE OF THE MALE IS SIGNIFICANTLY FASTER THAN THAT OF THE FEMALE. This experiment is designed to test whether or not gender is a major contributing factor to the recovery heart rate in humans. Most would assume that the male heart rate would be considerably faster in recovery time than that of the female. This experiment furthers that assumption by eliminating uncontrolled variables such as age, build, and health conditions. The male human has always had certain physical advantages over the female human such as increased muscle mass, larger bones, and superb aggressiveness in times where deemed necessary. But is recovery rate (or, how long it takes for the heart rate to return to its resting rate) an advantage possessed by males also? The question posed in this experiment is whether or not the heart rate of the male will recover faster than that of a female. The hypothesis tested was that the male's heart rate would fall considerably faster than the female's after one minute of intense physical activity. It is known already that males dominate females in the physical world in most cases. Males have much larger natural muscle mass, less body fat, and a physique that is designed for superiority in the physical world. Therefore it can only be assumed that the most important muscle of all (the heart) would also be superior in its performance. Many factors can influence the results of testing this hypothesis. All variables have been controlled except for the variable gender. Both the male and female subjects are close in age (* two years difference), both are nonsmokers, both possess small body builds for their respective gender, and both have no debilitating medical conditions (e.g., asthma, diabetes, heart condition). Controlling these factors allowed for the testing of the hypothesis, which is focused strictly on gender. ...

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Marketing Research case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Marketing Research case study - Essay Example The main purpose of research is to gather information that can be used to satisfy the needs and interests of the consumers profitably. It is imperative to gather as much information as possible about a market so that the marketers will be better positioned to be able to identify the factors that can give them competitive advantage over the other rival competitors. Market research is important as it seeks to create an environment that will give the organisation competitive advantage. 2. The management decision problem facing Wendy over their intention to expand to USA is that they may be over ambitious and fail to penetrate the market due to competition in the industry. It is a bit difficult to penetrate an industry and manage to sweep through the other established businesses entities already established without better marketing strategies than they will be using. For instance, McDonald’s uses cutting edge marketing strategies and this will be an uphill task for Wendy’s to easily surpass this performance given that they are just comfortable with their current performance which is even comparatively lower than that of the rival competitors. It has to be borne in mind that establishing a new business enterprise should not be rushed and there is need for proper plans to be put in place so as to ensure that there would be higher chances of surviving especially in a competitive environment. Launching a new product in the market is not always a guarantee that it will succeed but the need to be acquainted with market trends that are constantly changing. 3. The marketing research facing Wendy is that they are out of touch with their market since they are not venturing into something new by virtue of performing fairly in the market. It is pretty difficult to penetrate a market without knowledge about it. The problem is that when one does not have current knowledge about the interests of the customers, it can be a bit tricky since the chances of

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HR external consultant recommendation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

HR external consultant recommendation - Essay Example The HR Director has reservations about the transferability of the HR systems from an American context to the EU legislation, cultural and HR aspects. There are also concerns regarding the induction process for the expatriate workers. This paper aims at discussing the problems that Fantasia Corp will be anticipating in the process of implementing an HR system developed in the US in France. This paper will also give suggestions on how Fantasia Corp can overcome these challenges. In the last few decades, there has been a significant increase in the rate in which business organizations opt for global operations. Going for global markets present companies with more opportunities. Similarly, Fantasia Corp has also opted to expand their operations to Europe, with France being their targeted country. Recent researches reveal that organizations operating in different geographical environments usually have to operate under different HR practices and policies (Festing 2012, p. 43). This is due to the difference in social, political, cultural, and economic factors. Just like many other managerial practices, HRM is always affected by cultural beliefs. This is a factor that multinational corporations must take into consideration when intending to transfer some of their HR practices and policies to another country. Some of the practices that are socially allowed in America might not be admissible in France. This is a clear indication that some of the practices that have been successfully used by Fantasia Corp in the US might not be applicable in France. Therefore transferring the HR system used by Fantasia Corp in the US to France might have some performance consequences of their operations in France. HR researches have it that multinational corporations such as Fantasia Corp have to adapt to a certain degree to the cultural beliefs and practices of a host country. It should not be forgotten that in their operations

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Ismg 3000 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Ismg 3000 - Essay Example Conversely, Barton himself was hired as a function of the belief that he could inject some fresh blood and new perspective into the way that the organization operates. Due to the fact that the same tired techniques had been tried over and over under Davies’ leadership with little to no affect, Barton was ultimately viewed as a way in which a blank slate could be created and the organization could move forward from a fresh point without the baggage that Davies engendered. This is due to the fact that IT touches so many different aspects of the firm in somewhat imperceptible ways. Whereas the affect of a new marketing strategy can be uniformly measured, the effect of procurement of new and more efficient IT systems and the integration of a greater level of IT expertise within the field means that the overall synergy that is created is something that is difficult to narrow down to but a few statistics and figures. Moreover, when one realizes that the rate of expenditure as compared to the rate of return, this too is problematic due to the fact that the rate of return on investment is not immediately or rapidly realized. Ultimately, it does matter due to the fact that as soon as key functions of IT are removed, the organization itself would necessarily come stumbling to a halt. An example of this can be seen in the way that a firm would no longer be able to support a key data package that is necessary for operational effectiveness. With such an integral and key component of the firm no longer operations, the means by which business is conducted is necessarily reduced; thereby reducing the competitive advantage of the firm and the total outreach and scope that it could hope to appeal to. With regards to my current firm, this can best be described as an IT situation that is strategic. Rather than providing a support function or merely aiding the organization in developing a product, my firm is one that provides a hands

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Rhetorical Textual Analysis of Attending to the Word

Rhetorical Textual Analysis of Attending to the Word Deidre Mahoney has been leaving pencil marks in books for years (398). She leaves comments and questions to material within the reading. Shell also mark important or meaningful words. It has helped her increase her awareness and be able to comprehend whatever she is reading at the time (398). She states the only way to read a book is to glide a pencil across the page (397). Why does this leave her classroom in a shock? As she teaches her students, she realizes there is something wrong with the school system because her students dont want to write inside their books (397). Students have been conditioned in elementary and high school to not write inside books that dont belong to them. Mahoney fears this restricts them from enhancing brain development and increasing awareness (400). In Deirdre Mahoneys article Attending to the Word, she argues her students cant comprehend intensive thinking while reading due to lack of pencil in hand to take notes (397). Throughout Mahoneys article, she uses a variety of rhetorical tools that support her argument. She uses a qualifier when she states why the students behave the way they do about writing in books (397). She understands the way theyve been conditioned and doesnt necessarily disapprove of their lack of penciling (399). It is a fact that students are told to not write in their books or textbooks during school. They have become accustomed to that rule. Once they realize that the rule doesnt apply, they dont know how to do something different. Writing in a book after not doing so for years is a big change, and many people dont handle change well. Mahoney uses the rhetorical tool of description throughout her entire article. She describes her worries, expectations, and the wishes she has for her students. In Mahoneys article, she uses first person point of view which helps her readers relate. Her article comes from personal experience; therefore, her audience will be more interested in reading. She writes in an easy-to-understand manner. She gets her point across and lets readers flow along with her as she talks. Mahoneys introduction is the strong suit of her article. It draws her audience in by using a general topic sentence. She doesnt give much detail right away, leaving her audience wanting more. Mahoney engages the opposing positions by ending her introduction with a question and then an answer to her question. The statement makes her oppositions want more information to argue against and to see why she believes the way she does. Mahoneys voice is seen in this article when she narrates her reasoning behind scribbling all over a books page (398). She voices personal experience and beliefs, which makes this article so empowering. She demonstrates the good, and little bad there is, throughout this piece. Within her voice, she uses contextual elements such as cultural context. She understands what students become accustomed to at a certain age (397). The major subtext she uses happens to be her voice. An opinion is strong because it is the only power a human truly has. Mahoney takes advantage of that throughout her article and persuades her audience to lean towards her side. Mahoney used many extra elements in her article. She used facts and appropriate language to operate through her article. Her facts, opinion, and language intensify her idea by drawing the attention she wants and then continuing to keep the reader engaged. Diedre Mahoneys context is shaped well because she clung to her topic throughout the entire article. Any ideas or points she brought in didnt stray away from the purpose of her writing. The context shapes the subtext in a way as well. The topic Mahoney chose to write about is a debatable, yet easy topic to understand. Putting together a subtext about such a topic comes easy. Mahoney seems to understand there are opposing opinions and she reacts to them well in her article. She is sure to see both sides and quickly come up with a response to anything one might say. Mahoney critically thought out her article and the elements she used within the piece. She could argue why students cant comprehend intensive thinking reading without a pencil in hand (398). She uses a strong voice, a strong topic, rhetorical tools, and writing elements to support her purpose and make her argument strong. Diedre Mahoney has successfully educated and informed her audience on the importance, or lack thereof, gracing a pencil along the page as it is read. Works Cited Mahoney, Dierdre. Attending to the Word. The Composition of Everyday Life. Ed. John Mauk and John Metz. Cengage Learning, 2016.

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MP3s and the Music Industry :: mp3 digital music

MP3's and the Music Industry The Internet is now being used in many exciting and interesting ways. The music industry, however, has come to feel that it may be being abused. There are countless web sites offering information on how to obtain contemporary music, with and without permission from the creators. Using a fairly expensive recording device, such as Diamond Multimedia's Rio portable MP3 music player, consumers are supposedly able to download unauthorized music placed on MP3 sites. There are two distinct sides to the mp3 issue. A cyberspace tug-of-war is taking place between the rights of MP3 consumers and those of musicians and record companies that desire to control any and all consumption of their product, the music. Internet piracy is being combated by groups such as the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The rights of music consumers are being championed by many groups, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and supporters of such web sites as While there are a number of legal and authorized pieces of music that may be downloaded by Internet consumers, there are just as many offerings that can be considered to be "bootleg" or illegal, and are placed on the Internet by "pirates." This infringement on the rights of creators to control the reproduction and distribution of their product has incensed and angered many different groups. Their fight to retain control has resulted in a counter-argument in favor of online freedom and of expression and a battle to preserve civil liberties. Internet piracy has been a source of much controversy as it has grown and become the new medium of communication in our generation. The Internet connects so many people with so many products and, as in all industry, not all these people and products are fair and honest. The same is true in the world of the online music industry. Some artists champion the public's right to hear and record their music in an "industry-free" atmosphere. Others fear that their art is being exploited and their rights denied. In October 1999 the IFPI announced its efforts "aimed at ridding the Internet of large amounts of pirate content and paving the way for artists and record companies to deliver music electronically and legally across the world" (IFPI, 1999). The recording industry is collaborating to try and fight this exploitation. The "IFPI estimates there are some 1 million illegal music files posted on the Internet at any given time" (IFPI, 1999).

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Describe 4 common sports injuries

The fibula is the splint bone on the outside of the lower leg, there are two types of breaks, the first being an open fracture which means the bone has ruptured the skin. A closed fracture does not rupture the skin and also a closed fracture is often treated by fitting a removable plastic cast. Healing time should be about 12 to 16 weeks. Unfortunately in Eduardo’s case he suffered an open fracture caused by force so his bones were splintered and ragged. Surgical fixing of the leg is then needed, which involves a large nail being inserted down the bone and then fixed together with plates and screws. This method improves recovery time and reduces muscle wastage due to immobilisation. Prompt medical attention limited the damage caused to Eduardo’s fibula. During an operation his fractured fibula was held together by pins. After the operation he required a leg cast. Before the leg cast was removed he was not allowed to put any weight on the injury so had to use crutches and have regular x-rays to check the pins and fusion of the bones. After the leg cast was removed he required intense physiotherapy to recover fully, due to the extent of his injury he was not able to play football for over a year. The wearing of shin pads reduces damage unless force is applied to the side of the leg as in this case. Concussion This is a traumatic brain injury which causes confusion, reflexes, speech and sleeping patterns. Movement of the brain from a heavy blow can cause concussion or unconsciousness such as blows to the head when boxing. The symptoms could be nausea, unequal pupils, headache, drowsiness and memory loss although there are sometimes no symptoms and no awareness of having concussion. Treatment would be in hospital if there is any suspected brain damage or bleeding to the brain such as in boxing. Mild concussions can be treated with rest and pain killers to treat headaches. Recovery can take between a few days to months. After American boxer Leander Johnson died from sustained punches to the head during a boxing match anti boxing organisations called for a ban on boxing. Leander died in hospital from injuries caused to his brain. Neurological scientists estimate that15-40 per cent of ex boxers have some form of chromic brain injury mostly caused from repeated concussions. Muscle strain (hamstring) A hamstring injury is a common strain in sport, it is also known as a ‘pulled hamstring’. The hamstring muscles are located in the upper leg, there are three muscles known as semitendinosus, semimembranosus and biceps femoris. Depending on severity it would be a first, second or third degree strain and is caused by overstretching the muscle causing it to tear. Treatment would be rest, ice and elevation called the RICE protocol. Symptoms are a sudden sharp pain and you would also sustain pain when stretching or contracting the muscle. The hamstring can be damaged in most sporting activities such as running, cycling and football. To prevent a hamstring injury it is essential for an athlete to warm up correctly. Age, tiredness and previous injuries all increase the risk of injury. Many footballers experience hamstring injuries such as Shay Given who was injured recently. The recovery time for such an injury varies greatly depending on the severity; it could be anything from a few days to many months. Bruising Bruising can be sustained in almost any sport; a bruise is caused by vascular leakage of red blood cells into tissue. (Bleeding beneath the skin) this causes discolouration on the surface of the skin. The bruise changes colour as it heals such as brown and yellow, some creams (which contain vitamin K) can speed up healing. Bruises would not interfere with sporting activity unless they extend to a large area such as a whole leg. They are usually painful to touch and can be swollen but usually heal very quickly. Applying cold packs or ice to area aids with healing and pain. The World champion judo fighter, Mike Swain has sustained many bruises during his career, as do many judo fighters. The bruising has never interfered with him being able to partake in a judo match.

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Social Structures essays

Social Structures essays The ideas and concepts presented in the movie Trading Places certainly dealt with the accessibility and inaccessibility of the superstructure of society. The separation of class, of race, and of gender greatly shaped and influenced human society for thousands of years. Only recently through numerous civil rights movements has the barriers of those social structures been broken. Still, traces of those thoughts and notions can still be found in various work places, schools, and even homes. It is important that we make a closer evaluation of those characteristics, and how they relate to the ideas and concepts of Karl Marx and Adam Smith, in the movie Trading Places. Every society is built on an economic base. Said Marx, Society is organized into class structures, aggregates of men who stand in some common relationship favorable or otherwise to the existing from of production. But conflicts always arrive between class between classes whose position is jeopardized and the classes whose position is enhanced. There is no example in history of a ruling class not trying to defend its class rule, or of an exploited class not trying to limit or eliminate the exploitation it suffers. Class struggle is a permanent feature of human society. In fact, Marx noted in the Communist Manifesto, that the history of humankind is the history of class struggles. It can extend to all fields of politics from foreign policy to educational problems and religious conflicts. In Trading Places, the conflicts obviously come between the class of the rich and powerful and the class of the poor and feeble. Of course, present day economic structure (such as one evident in Trading Places) is very different than those in the days of Karl Marx. It is way more complex with innovative technology and a global market. But still, the contemporary economic society still follows the rules described by 17th ...

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Romanesque Architecture Essays - Church Architecture, Basilica, Nave

Romanesque Architecture Essays - Church Architecture, Basilica, Nave Romanesque Architecture THE BASILICA AND BASILICAN CHURCHES A great deal of conjecture has been expended on the question as to the genesis of the Roman basilica. For present purposes it may be sufficient to observe that the addition of aisles to the nave was so manifest a convenience that it might not improbably have been thought of, even had models not been at hand in the civic buildings of the Empire. The most suitable example that can be chosen as typical of the Roman basilica of the age of Constantine is the church of S. Maria Maggiore. And this, not merely because, in spite of certain modern alterations, it has kept in the main its original features, but also because it departs, to a lesser extent than any other extant example, from the classical ideal. The lateral colonnade is immediately surmounted by a horizontal entablature, with architrave, frieze, and cornice all complete. The monolithic columns, with their capitals, are, moreover, homogenous, and have been cut for their position, instead of being like those of so many early Christian churches, the more or less incongruous and heterogeneous spoils of older and non-Christian edifices. Of this church, in its original form, no one however decidedly his tastes may incline to some more highly developed system or style of architecture will call in question the stately and majestic beauty. The general effect is that of a vast perspective of lines of noble columns, carrying the eye forward to the altar, which, with its civory or canopy, forms so conspicuous an object, standing, framed, as it mere, within the arch of the terminal apse, which forms its immediate and appropriate background. S. Maria Maggiore is considerably smaller than were any of the other three chief basilicas of Rome (St Peter's, St. Paul's, and the Lateran). Each of these, in addition to a nave of greater length and breadth, was furnished (as may still be seen in the restored St Paul's) with a double aisle. This, however, was an advantage which was not unattended with a serious drawback from a purely esthetic point of view. For a great space of blank wall intervening between the top of the lateral colonnade and the clerestory windows was of necessity required in order to give support to the penthouse roof of the double aisle. And it is curious, to say the least, that it should not have occurred to the builders of those three basilicas to utilize a portion of the space thus enclosed, and at the same time to lighten the burden of the wall above the colonnade, by constructing a gallery above the inner aisle. It is true, of course, that such a gallery is found in the church of S. Agnese, where the low-level of the floor relatively to the surface of the ground outside may have suggested this method of construction; but whereas, in the East, the provision of a gallery (used as a gynaeceum) was usual from very early times, it never became otherwise than exceptional in the West. Taking East and West together, we find among early and medieval basilican churches examples of all the combinations that are possible in the arrangement of aisles and galleries. They are the single aisle without gallery, which is, of course, the commonest type of all; the double aisle without gallery, as in the three great Roman basilicas; the single aisle with gallery, as in S. Agnese; the double aisle with single gallery, as in St. Demetrius at Thessalonica; and finally, as a crowning example, though of a later period, the double aisle surmounted by a double gallery, as in the Duomo at Pisa. These, however, are modifications in the general design of the building. Others, not less important, though they are less obviously striking, concern the details of the construction. Of these the first was the substitution of the arch for the horizontal entablature, and the second that of the pillar of masonry for the monolithic column. The former change, which had already come into operation in the first basilica of St. Paul without the Walls, was so obviously in the nature of an improvement in point of stability that it is no matter for surprise that it should have been almost. universally adopted. Colonnaded and arcaded basilicas, as we may call them, for the most part older than the eleventh century, are to be found in the most widely distant regions, from Syria to Spain, and from Sicily to Saxony; and the lack of examples in Southern France is probably due

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Organisational Behaviour Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Organisational Behaviour - Coursework Example Siemens adopts the following organizational structure and culture as compared to other organization. Divisional structure-it configures the organization and breaks down the organization into various divisions which are self-contained. In order to increase the flexibility within an organization, employees responsible for a certain type of products are placed in divisional structure (Argyris C. , 2005). The company adopts this divisional structure since it delegates authority to each group which in turn increases the morale of the employees. There is also more flexibility in coordinating various divisions  thus  leading to efficiency especially when there is change in the market. Matrix structure- this type of structure groups the employees by both the product and the functions. It focuses on the use of teams so as to complete certain work. Since Siemens Company produces different products, it allows different departments to share information more easily and also allows specializat ion that can increase knowledge in a certain segment. Hierarchy-Community Phenotype Model of Organizational Structure-unlike other organizations, Siemens confers to its employees a sense of belonging where everyone is made to be part of the organization. With the evolution of technology and dynamism in the market, firms do not just exist to make only profits, but it also has some other responsibilities to the community and other stakeholders. This phenotype structure combines both informal and formal hierarchal society participation therefore viewing an organization as influencing and also being influenced by the environment (Argyris C. a., 2009). The relationship between an organization’s structure and culture and its impact on the performance of the organization Organizational structure and culture depends on how different activities are allocated, coordinated and supervised. It also determines on how an organization performs and operates its duties. Good organizational str ucture delegates authority to employees and improves employees’ efficiency and morale. Organizational culture outlines the way in which employees interact with one another and the way tasks are to be done within the organization. The cultural paradigm of Siemens consists of several values, beliefs, rituals and symbols that direct the operating styles of the employees within the organization. As in the structure and culture adopted by Siemens Company, collaborative structure offers a decentralized workforce with incorporates different units to work together for achievement of the intended objectives Organizational structure and culture have different impacts on the motivational level and performance of employees within the organization (Bennis, 2002). In most cases, employees put more efforts to achieve the goals of the organization if they consider themselves as part of the organizational structure and culture. Diverse cultures and structure operating within a company can hav e an effect on the way employees are performing their duties. Effective organizational culture enhances clear and open communication which in turn increases the organizational effectiveness. Great organization culture allows knowledge sharing within the organization which improves personal development of employees therefore

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Smucker's case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Smucker's - Case Study Example They make use of digital marketing initiatives such as search-based ads, banner ads on websites and mobile phones, and ads on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In terms of their acquisition strategy among product lines, they practice the horizontal acquisition which is they acquire companies in the same industry segment. The Smucker’s brands exhibit a strategic fit because they all belong to the processed food industry. Furthermore, their brands have the same distribution network and target markets. Their products are all sold at supermarkets. Even the manufacturing and operations of their various products have a strategic fit, creating economies of scale. One believes that it only makes sense for Smucker’s to expand their business line-up within their core businesses. Expanding beyond their core businesses would be difficult because the marketing strategies that they need to implement might need to be different. Moreover, expanding beyond one’s core of business would mean extensive research on their part and they might not have the competence in that business. 2. Use the appropriate course models to (1) identify at least four major macro-environmental trends and issues in the geographic domains where J.M. Smuckers operates, and (2) indicate the level of strategic attention each of these should be given. The first major macro-environmental trend that affects Smucker’s is the growing trend of women working outside the home; thus, an increase in the number of meals eaten out. This means that the household budget for processed foods and beverages, like those sold by Smucker’s will decrease and will be redirected to the budget for eating out. The level of attention that must be given to this should be minimal. Another macro-environmental factor that affects the industry is the current recession and economic slowdown experienced