Sunday, April 21, 2019

Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing Essay - 1

Effective leadership and Management in Nursing - Essay ExampleThe proverb says A leader knows the way and a leader shows the way. This describes what a leader should be. The methods of leadership differ as we come across different disciplines, only when the ideals of leadership be similar everywhere. My personal view on leadership is that the leader should know the visions and goals of the root word he or she is leading and know how to accomplish this goal utilizing the resources available. In my opinion, a leader is in like manner a get awayr, as he has to manage his resources properly. A group without a charismatic leader is like a building without a strong foundation. It can collapse anytime.As mentioned above, there are some(prenominal) aspects of management in leadership. But management is only a part of leadership, and leadership has many new(prenominal) constituents in it. In a document by Thomas International Ltd (2008), it is written that leaders manage long-term g oals and they are entitled to inspire their group. The leaders decide the targets and time-frames for the group. They must impart clearly what outfit is expected from their group and the methods and ideals that must be followed by the group members. Managers are to handle matters rather diplomatically, and they are assigned to manage the processes in producing the output that the leader has indicated. Their job is rather appointive or directive. Skills in concept making, public relations, and technology are expected from them. For example, in a company, its CEO is the leader and its HR manager is a person who manages processes in building the output set by the CEO. As for nursing, we harbor nursing stations in every hospital, and a nursing administrator will be give as a leader of other nursing personnel in order to provide train nursing services to the patients. A note from the Ethiopia Public Health Training Initiative by the Addis Ababa University defines leadership in nursin g as follows

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