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Organisational Behaviour Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Organisational Behaviour - Coursework Example Siemens adopts the following organizational structure and culture as compared to other organization. Divisional structure-it configures the organization and breaks down the organization into various divisions which are self-contained. In order to increase the flexibility within an organization, employees responsible for a certain type of products are placed in divisional structure (Argyris C. , 2005). The company adopts this divisional structure since it delegates authority to each group which in turn increases the morale of the employees. There is also more flexibility in coordinating various divisions  thus  leading to efficiency especially when there is change in the market. Matrix structure- this type of structure groups the employees by both the product and the functions. It focuses on the use of teams so as to complete certain work. Since Siemens Company produces different products, it allows different departments to share information more easily and also allows specializat ion that can increase knowledge in a certain segment. Hierarchy-Community Phenotype Model of Organizational Structure-unlike other organizations, Siemens confers to its employees a sense of belonging where everyone is made to be part of the organization. With the evolution of technology and dynamism in the market, firms do not just exist to make only profits, but it also has some other responsibilities to the community and other stakeholders. This phenotype structure combines both informal and formal hierarchal society participation therefore viewing an organization as influencing and also being influenced by the environment (Argyris C. a., 2009). The relationship between an organization’s structure and culture and its impact on the performance of the organization Organizational structure and culture depends on how different activities are allocated, coordinated and supervised. It also determines on how an organization performs and operates its duties. Good organizational str ucture delegates authority to employees and improves employees’ efficiency and morale. Organizational culture outlines the way in which employees interact with one another and the way tasks are to be done within the organization. The cultural paradigm of Siemens consists of several values, beliefs, rituals and symbols that direct the operating styles of the employees within the organization. As in the structure and culture adopted by Siemens Company, collaborative structure offers a decentralized workforce with incorporates different units to work together for achievement of the intended objectives Organizational structure and culture have different impacts on the motivational level and performance of employees within the organization (Bennis, 2002). In most cases, employees put more efforts to achieve the goals of the organization if they consider themselves as part of the organizational structure and culture. Diverse cultures and structure operating within a company can hav e an effect on the way employees are performing their duties. Effective organizational culture enhances clear and open communication which in turn increases the organizational effectiveness. Great organization culture allows knowledge sharing within the organization which improves personal development of employees therefore

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