Sunday, November 17, 2019

Ismg 3000 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Ismg 3000 - Essay Example Conversely, Barton himself was hired as a function of the belief that he could inject some fresh blood and new perspective into the way that the organization operates. Due to the fact that the same tired techniques had been tried over and over under Davies’ leadership with little to no affect, Barton was ultimately viewed as a way in which a blank slate could be created and the organization could move forward from a fresh point without the baggage that Davies engendered. This is due to the fact that IT touches so many different aspects of the firm in somewhat imperceptible ways. Whereas the affect of a new marketing strategy can be uniformly measured, the effect of procurement of new and more efficient IT systems and the integration of a greater level of IT expertise within the field means that the overall synergy that is created is something that is difficult to narrow down to but a few statistics and figures. Moreover, when one realizes that the rate of expenditure as compared to the rate of return, this too is problematic due to the fact that the rate of return on investment is not immediately or rapidly realized. Ultimately, it does matter due to the fact that as soon as key functions of IT are removed, the organization itself would necessarily come stumbling to a halt. An example of this can be seen in the way that a firm would no longer be able to support a key data package that is necessary for operational effectiveness. With such an integral and key component of the firm no longer operations, the means by which business is conducted is necessarily reduced; thereby reducing the competitive advantage of the firm and the total outreach and scope that it could hope to appeal to. With regards to my current firm, this can best be described as an IT situation that is strategic. Rather than providing a support function or merely aiding the organization in developing a product, my firm is one that provides a hands

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