Friday, November 1, 2019

Smucker's case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Smucker's - Case Study Example They make use of digital marketing initiatives such as search-based ads, banner ads on websites and mobile phones, and ads on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In terms of their acquisition strategy among product lines, they practice the horizontal acquisition which is they acquire companies in the same industry segment. The Smucker’s brands exhibit a strategic fit because they all belong to the processed food industry. Furthermore, their brands have the same distribution network and target markets. Their products are all sold at supermarkets. Even the manufacturing and operations of their various products have a strategic fit, creating economies of scale. One believes that it only makes sense for Smucker’s to expand their business line-up within their core businesses. Expanding beyond their core businesses would be difficult because the marketing strategies that they need to implement might need to be different. Moreover, expanding beyond one’s core of business would mean extensive research on their part and they might not have the competence in that business. 2. Use the appropriate course models to (1) identify at least four major macro-environmental trends and issues in the geographic domains where J.M. Smuckers operates, and (2) indicate the level of strategic attention each of these should be given. The first major macro-environmental trend that affects Smucker’s is the growing trend of women working outside the home; thus, an increase in the number of meals eaten out. This means that the household budget for processed foods and beverages, like those sold by Smucker’s will decrease and will be redirected to the budget for eating out. The level of attention that must be given to this should be minimal. Another macro-environmental factor that affects the industry is the current recession and economic slowdown experienced

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