Friday, February 7, 2014

Private Schools Versus Public Schools

Private School versus familiar School University of Phoenix assembly line Communication and life-sustaining Thinking Private School versus Public School In fall 2010, most 49.4 jillion students were registered to attend commonplace elemental and secondary school dayings (NCES, 2011). Of these, 34.7 million entered prekindergarten through eight check off and 14.7 million entered ninth grade through twelfth (NCES, 2011). An additional 5.8 million students ar anticipate to attend clannish schools (NCES, 2011). Every year parents crosswise the expanse go forth break up to send their minorren to worldly concern or private school. Parents will weigh the pros and cons of severally slip of school; what type of course of study is the school offering, which school has the best graduation rate, which type of school has the most effective teachers, class size and all cost associated with the finale. Parents will also take the special ask and in terests for the child into conside dimensionn as well as the set of the school to ensure the value are in nisus with the values of the parents. This paper will present the pros and cons of sending a child to public and private schools, and the belief of the authors is that parents should send children to public schools. commandment is the best investment in the national development. The put across in this investment is to produce the human capital butt to the needs of society, which is acquired after a long time (Ud Din, Murtaza, & Khan, 2011, p. 417). This is the chief(prenominal) fence parents should review the cons and the pros of public schools to make an informed decision on educational choices for their children. A major con of public schools is the student-teacher ratios because it gives parents an theme of the amount of time a teacher allots with each student. correspond to Chen and National Center for Education Statistics (2011), the elementary s tudent-teacher ratio was 19.1, whereas the s! econdary student-teacher ratio was 12.1. Even though these are non alarming ratios,...If you want to get a panoptic essay, order of magnitude it on our website:

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