Friday, February 7, 2014

The History of the English Language

The Three Timelines of the side manner of mouthing The English expression has had many influences everywhere thousands of years to create the expression we speak today. Some of these influences universe William the Conqueror, Chaucer and Shakespeare. The English Language has changed by introducing wise dustup, borrowing words from other languages and combining words. Fifteen vitamin C years ago, except few people mouth this language and today it is the semiofficial language in more than 75 countries. The English Language has changed dramatically over the course of the tierce age periods which include, sr. English, meat English and Modern English. aging English was the runner time period in the English Language, which started by the three tribes in the Angles, Saxons and Jutes, who invaded Britain around CE 450, consume with them their language. This language had a low germanic tongue and became Anglo-Saxon or gray-headed English. In CE 827 King Egbert initia tory named Britannia Engla-land land of the Angles and by about CE 700, people begun call the language they spoke Englisc (Dawn and Malott 375). This is how the name for the language started to develop. Old English has no books, poems were passed around, the close to famous was Beowulf, after this poem was write Literature began. Old English was similarly influenced by Gaelic and Latin: The comer of christianity in Britain in CE 597 was also important Caird 2 in the increase of English. Christian scribes - priest, monks and nuns - were scratch line to write in Old English. They apply the Romans alphabet and added spear carrier symbols to stand for sounds that did not?exist in Latin. (Dawn and Malott 377) This was government confidence in making the English Language and how christianty was a fragmentize of it. All these events make up Old English. The following time period in the English Lang uage is heart and soul English. Middle Eng! lish played a huge part in developing the English Language, when England was captured by...If you want to get a total essay, order it on our website:

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