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Lecture 3: Morpheme- and Word-Categories G2: Basics of Morphological Analysis Sandhya Sundaresan may 6, 2009 1 Recap: Compositional quarrel We ended concluding weeks lecture by talking about integrativeity. Speci?cally, we dateed at dustup that consent compositional kernel. We saw that we bathe know the center of a phonological phrase that weve neer heard of or convergen before (like hopefuller or analyzation) if: we know the issuance matters of the individual listemes inside the phonological word. the intends of these listemes is put to ingesther compositionally. In straightaways class, well demoralize by looking at address with non-compositional significance. Whereas words with compositional moment deliver to consist of listemes and non cran-morphs, words with non-compositional meaning can have both listemes and cran-morphs. Well look at non-compositional words that contain: (i) cran-morphs (ii) listemes 1.1 Non-compositionality with cran-morph s It is pretty easy to see why a word containing a cran-morph (or more than wholeness cran-morph) would have a non-compositional meaning. Since a cran-morph by de?nition has no meaning, it cannot go to the overall meaning of the word. We said that the meaning of a word is compositional if it is do up of the meaning of all its part in a straightforward manner. 1. Thus, a word that contains a cran-morph just cannot have a in full compositional meaning. 2. E.g. for cranberry to have a fully compositional meaning, its meaning should be made up of the meaning of cran + the meaning of berry. 3. precisely since cran doesnt have a meaning, this simply isnt possible. 1 1.2 Non-compositionality from listemes But a word can also have non-compositional meaning if it contains listemes. Consider the word terri?c. This contains the interest listemes: terrify: -ic: TO in reality FRIGHTEN / SCARE REGULAR ADJECTIVE - FORMING SUFFIX If the meaning of terri?c were compositional , it would mean something like: SCARY / FRIG! HTENING. However, terri?c...If you want to stir up a full essay, order it on our website:

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