Tuesday, March 26, 2019

What is a technical language :: essays research papers

What is technological linguistic communication?Scientists have tried to come up with a description since the beginning of the 18th century, therefore many interpretations have been made. They started to discuss damage and vocabularies in order to define technical delivery. A couple of years later they emphasized the importance of text and nowadays they are talking ab reveal text from a communication aspect. The Anglo-Saxon society regarded a address to be a system, therefore they found little recreate in technical nomenclature. This is one of the reasons why technical language a lot has remained scattered. However, this was not the case within the School of Prague. They found socio linguistics as well as technical language very interesting. The School of Prague employ a horizontal dimension to describe the classification of technical language areas. A vertical dimension was used to describe the different layers of usage. The troika dimension was based on expressions and communication, oral as well as written. The dimension dealing with communication is frequently used to find out whether a text should be classified as technical language or not. The result can be seen as a cube. A negative aspect when studying this model is that it can easily be misunderstood. When a transmitter and a receiver are experts in the receptive discussed, they will probably use technical language. On the other hand, they capacity have different knowledge and it is possible that they will discuss sore information. The main idea is that they have the possibility to use the established technical language. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible to separate strict technical language from conversational language.A scale has been made to classify the different takes of technical language in the area of geography. We are clearly dealing with technical language when the sender and the receiver have the same knowledge about a specific subject e.g. communication between geograph ers. The next level is when the sender has to introduce the subject to the receiver e.g. when a geographer communicates with a student. And the final level is when the sender has to explain everything to the receiver e.g. when a geographer communicates with an amateur. Text type, a signifier of style pattern, is a term that can be found in technical language. A textbook is one example. Technolects are found in heavy scientific material for example reports whereas text types occur in less complicated compositions such as business letters.

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