Tuesday, March 26, 2019

EasyJet Essay -- Business and Management Studies

EasyJetEasyJet has become the European leader in a no frills frenzy for low woo, seamy air travel. This market however has since the midnineties gone from cleverness to strength and we have witnessed thearrival of a number of low cost airline companies which cater for theno frills approach.In Europe the top two competitors in this market are EasyJet and RyanAir which serve their customers from London Luton and capital of Irelandrespectively. They offer a differentiated product compared with themajor traditional airlines and the key out to their success has been tooffer the lowest cost/fare structure manageable and the differentiatedno frills product is purely a consequence of the performance ofthis rigorous low cost strategy.Background information about the companies is listed below proportional Company statisticsEasyJet RyanairDate of commencement 1995 1985Date of IPO 2000 1997rider Numbers 20.3m 15.7mNumber of Staff 3,453 1,897Aircraft 73 67Routes served 109 133Source http// www.easyJet.com, http//www.Ryanair.comComparative Key Financial DataEasyJet () Ryanair ()Share Capital 758,461,000 563,732,000Earnings per share 8.24pence 31.71centsOperating revenue 931.8m 842.5mRetained profit 32. 4m 239.3mSource Company Accounts 2004 some(prenominal) airlines have adopted similar art models and strategies. Keycommon features of the business model of both companies are- Point to point se...

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