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Business Opportunities with Mobile Computing-Samples for Students

Question: Evaluate the effectiveness and your usefulness of the learning experience. Answer: The Effectiveness and Usefulness of the Learning Experience Week 1-2 In my introductory learning experience at this stage, I understood the rapid changes in technology have resulted in subsequent changes in almost everything done in the world, and businesses have been the most affected with these rapid technological changes. Every significant elements of a business have been digitized in most big organizations which has resulted in online digital marketing and quick business solutions for the clients from their service providers has been enabled (Istrat et al. 2016). I have further; seen the significance of this learning experience in understanding the increased interaction between the business organizations and their clients easier online marketing interactions. All these developments have been attributed to technological changes and advancements that have revolutionized business operations including mobile computing. Week 2-4 I have managed to understand in this four weeks that mobile computing involves the use of mobile communication elements; which includes the mobile hardware (mobile brands), and even the mobile software which enables the functionality of the business hardware. Mobile computing furthermore involves a network connection from mobile service providers who enables the functionality of the most mobile software and the general communication. I have also noted that the significance of the mobile computing in the business has been priceless. All the evolutionary trends experienced in computing technology have taken mobile computing strictly into consideration. The easier accessibility of mobile phones, then their portability has meant that they are an easier option to use for most business operations. This learning process has provided me with the knowledge about the benefits of mobile computing and how numerous they numerous are. Mobile computing has become a very fundamental part for the most business and the people such that, its elimination could spark business crisis. The mobiles allows people to communicate over important business matters, transaction of payments through mobile banking, transfer of important communication data anywhere and anytime. The flexibility in mobile computing also means that, it is much easier to have communication anywhere, in the running of business (Shire 2012). The Learning Process Week 4-8 This period, my coursework in the learning process revolved around the aspects of mobile computing and how broad it is broad and that it has evolved to increase user accessibility and communication process. The diversity of mobile computing means that, the terminology is not only restricted to mobile communication. It is broader and it heavily depends on the purpose of use by the user. I deeply felt that while it is commonly known the common usage of a mobile phone is majorly for basic communication purposes; technology has evolved to diversify the industry by introducing smart phones which can handle most functions of personal computer. With this advancement, I believe it now means in business, mobile computing involves the transfer of data from a place to another via a computer medium without having to physically use a fixed link. Therefore, on that note, it is important to understand that, while using a mobile computing, the two important aspects to consider are the user mobility and the device portability. The user mobility aspect means that the user of the technology can communicate anywhere, any time and also with anyone. This may be through reading of data on your gadget, writing a business email for your client, browsing the website for new information and even conduct payment transactions on your mobile gadget through your online banking programs. The aspect of user mobility explains the constant nature of the communication process such that, regardless of where one goes, the communication process remains constant on the mobile computing. Then the second aspect of device portability explains why the mobile computing is a very important element of business processes. All the information can still be securely relayed even when the device is moving. The physical movement of the device does not affect the communication process and in terms of network connection, there is enabled wireless connection which means that the business communication process can continue. The portability involves fixed and wireless gadgets, mobile and wired among others, according to (Masoud, Karimi Hasanvand 2012). Explanation of the Learning Process Week 8-10 From my learning experience, the first component of the mobile computing is the mobile hardware. The mobile hardware refers to all portable computer gadgets that can enable the flexible use of the communication process. These gadgets are produced to enable processing and retrieval of data for a variety of purposes, which is dominated by business related purposes. The mobile hardware includes the mobile phones and the smart phones, the laptops and other mobile communication gadgets such as personal computers. These computing hardware are equipped with a variety of features that enables fulfill certain functions according to the users business and communication needs and they are also equips with operating systems to enable their internal functionality. The second component is the mobile software, which refers to all the internal programs installed within a mobile hardware to enable its functionality. It is important to note that, the importance of any computer gadget depends on the software installed in it. The hardware cannot function without the input of the software. They include the operating systems (OS) that runs all the functions of the gadget, the touch screen features in the case of the smart phones, voice recorders, the music players, Bluetooth connectivity and the internet connection among others. The mobile software is a very important aspect of mobile computing as that is where all the business activities of many users are based (Oxford University Press 2007). Then lastly and the most important aspect of mobile computing is the mobile communication. The communication process involves the transfer of data from one point to another using the mobile hardware as the medium. It involves the transfer of data along using the local networks, the internet, and other wireless forms such as the Bluetooth connection. The communication aspect of the mobile computing is the basement of all business activities, as it enables all the necessary business operations without physical involvement (Kene 2014). The Application of the Learning Process Week 10-12 This was the most detailed period. In reference to the topic, mobile computing provides a very diverse platform for business processes. It has evolved to create a host of business opportunities for most entrepreneurs. It is the new way of doing business and the digital movement has seen dramatic change of business opportunities significantly shifting to online trading. The business opportunities utilized as a result of mobile computing includes online marketing, online shopping and online banking among others. In addition, the mobile computing can greatly be used to enhance other business processes. Communication is fundamental in business operations; therefore, mobile computing enables the running of the business activities, the management process in larger organizations as well as marketing activities for various products (Husain 2013). I also understood the mobile computing process increases productivity, efficiency and profitability, especially for bigger business enterprises. The management processes within bigger business entities requires a highly organized and systematic communication process, and with the mobile computing, putting all the systems for this process is much possible. The relaying of information from one point to another within an organization is simply a click away. All business communication processes have been made possible through easier data transfer and retrieval, which means that the organization saves a significant amount of time in all of its operations. The enhanced quickness of organizational communications promotes easier coordination of the firm through effective human resource management (Hussain Ahmad 2012). Secondly, the mobile computing has also promoted marketing activities for most organizations. The marketing process for instance has evolved into a complex process that relies on the shrewdness of the marketers and how best they employ the marketing strategies that outshine the competitors. Marketing has taken a new competitive edge by the use of the technology. The use of online advertisement by the marketers has seen mobile computing take a very active role in dissemination of the advertisement messages, promotion of new products and creation of awareness about the new product entrants in the markets. Several applications have been developed to deal with mobile marketing, and the common principle of 4Ps of marketing can easily be employed by the use of mobile computing (Ehmke, Fulton Lusk n.d.). The most important part of the mobile computing is the cost-effectiveness of the technology. All these can easily be achieved with businesses having to deeply dig deeper in their pockets to look for extra marketing (Frolova 2014). I am of the thought that while the cloud computing technology can be used to tap into a host of business opportunities, there is no denying that there are some few challenges that face the business processes in the use of the technology. It is important to note that cloud computing uses computer gadgets and security is important is such cases. Enhancing security to protect confidential data is critical. Cases of information security breaches have been severally recorded and this is a serious criminal offense. Furthermore, hacking into personal information; as well as organizational systems such as banks have been experienced; and still remains a serious threat in mobile computing. Therefore, while thinking about the benefits of mobile computing, one must entrepreneurs should also think about the security risks associated with it. I conclude by stating that, mobile computing has provided a lot of new business opportunities in the modern day business world. It has enhanced flexibility, portability and reliability of communication processes which creates conducive operating grounds for most businesses. The diversity brought about by the technology has enabled the success of a number of businesses, and although there are some risks associated with the technology, these concerns can effectively be addressed and enable smooth running of the business by the use of cloud computing (Kim 2006). In addition, the learning experience in regard to this topic has fully equipped me with the most reliable knowledge about the mobile computing. References Ehmke, C, Fulton, J Lusk, J n.d., 'Marketings Four Ps: First Steps for New Entrepreneurs', Purdue Extension. 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