Monday, September 23, 2019

Read an article and respond to the prompt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Read an article and respond to the prompt - Essay Example Additionally, individuals with low economic status worked for more hours as compared to individuals with a higher economic status. In 1965, individuals with a college education and a high level of income spent more hours relaxing as compared to individuals with only a high school education. This trend changed towards the end of the twentieth century. According to the Economist "By 2005, the college-educated had eight hours less of it a week than the high-school grads". This postulation is supported by a methodical investigation conducted by the American Time Use Survey that proved that individuals with atleast college education in the US spend an additional two hours daily in their work stations as compared to those with high school education. This change has been contributed by a number of reasons. Educated individuals have been earning more today as compared to what they earned three decades ago. Therefore, these individuals tend to lose more money when vacationing as compared to what they could lose in the twentieth century. In todays job market, income is dependent on input in terms of working hours. Through my observation of others, it is worth positing that the advancement of technology has led to significant changes in peoples experiences of leisure. Enjoying oneself today does not necessarily mean going for a vacation anymore. People prefer watching a movie at home with friends and family during weekends rather than vacationing far away from home. In my opinion, this explanation of the shift is valid. Well learned individuals tend to have a higher level of income. Subsequently, these individuals are also in management positions and hence they are given supervisory roles in organizations. This means that they must spend extra hours in the office going through all reports from every department as they are accountable for every activity within organizations. This translates to spending less time relaxing. Conditions in the

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