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The Best Form of Governmen Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Best Form of Governmen - Essay Example In this form of government, the rule is for needy people. Under conditions of law or aristocracy, the ruler is interested in the outcome of his actions in the name of his country (Mindell 1996; Randall, 1960; Robinson, 1995). Aristotle on government Government should develop virtue and common good. The rulers are interested in people with enough knowledge, power and time to follow their ideas. Nowadays there is a need to promote the development of the best ruler. The politics must be open for the â€Å"ready† rulers, who are focused on their own ideas and the developments in the name of the virtue. The politicians should not cash in on the misery of their citizens; they must develop their policies in the name of the common good. The rulers have to invest their money into the development of the common virtue, because the laborers are too busy and they will not be able to contribute much into a common good. In his Book III we can read: â€Å"†¦a state is a body of citizens sufficing for the purposes of life† (Aristotle 1997, p. 43). Concerning the negative forms of the government, Aristotle claims that under conditions of tyranny, the interests of the monarch are supported. In terms of oligarchy, the interests of wealthy people are taken into account. ... It is a kind of a mixture of democracy, monarchy, and oligarchy. I think that in the modern context it is possible to apply the ideas of Aristotle successfully. In case the modern rulers do not consider democracy as the most successful form of the government, there is a need to implement the mixed forms of ruling (Jackson, 2001). Aristotle justifies his choice of a mixed government employing the example of the social roles: for instance, a father shows different roles in his relations with his children and his wife: in the first case these rules are royal and in the second case these rules are constitutional ones. Moreover, we can analyze the following quote by Aristotle: â€Å"†¦but in most constitutional states the citizens rule and are ruled by turns, for the idea of a constitutional state implies that the natures of the citizens are equal, and do not differ at all. Nevertheless, when one rules and the other is ruled we endeavour to create a difference of outward forms and n ames and titles of respect† (Aristotle 1997, p. 185). Consequently, we can claim that rules of governing are changing during a certain period of time. The constitutional government implies relations of a wife and a husband. There are permanent inequalities within the governmental structure. In their essence, these relations are equal, but in fact there is always a kind of difference in the relations between wives and husbands. Consequently, â€Å"polity† is the best form of the government, as Aristotle claims. Every citizen has a right to rule. Ruling is a complex activity and there are many social layers involved in the process of governing. Therefore, an option of a social control over different forms of the government place both rich and

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