Thursday, July 18, 2019

The medicine world has been the very first of those which has entered this technological arena

With the advent of technological advancement, it is true that man is pushing off his limits in a way that he unlocks the mysteries in his world and the environment around him.But along side this furtherance in almost every sector of the society, various maladies press on. And because man is by nature inquisitive and discontented of the things laid before him, and plus the fact that he just can’t withstand the consequences of his acts, that may lead him to suffering, he would continue to discover things even beyond his will.The medicine world has been the very first of those which has entered this technological arena thus setting its goals towards impalpable possibilities in medicine. And when I’m talking of the possibilities and technology, computer chips will be at its own best to draw attention from the most curious human minds.These chips are more properly called integrated circuits, or IC’s. They are electronic devices that contain transistors and other compo nents that are made of semiconductor materials, like silicon.(, 2008) Over the last four decades, computer chips have found their way into virtually every electronic device in the world.During that time they have become smaller, cheaper and more powerful, that it even penetrated to the medicine society.   Gene Chip, Biochip, DNA chip and a lot more can make a way into almost anything tangible.Biochips are among the most important instruments used in the miniaturization and automation of biology. But the most grand among the nowadays is the DNA chip which is DNA chips. They are likely to serve the most varied of purposes ranging from basic research in biology through diagnosis of disease to water ecology.(,2003).Like the saying that goes, â€Å"necessity is the mother of invention†, this only implies that since we have a demand over something, then we create something prior to our demand.   But ever ything is interconnected to one another.   We may never know the limitations of these things unless a certain consequence.We may opt to open our mind to a possibility that since the world is so sick, many people die of the revenge of the Mother Earth, what will possibly happen to us who most of the time nowadays are relying on and holding on to the small but terrible capacity of computer chips? Will the world stop?Will we just remain dumb and wait for the end? What will really possibly happen to the entire human race? Simple, we may opt to go back to normal, most simple way of living and curing ourselves. We may not be able to diagnose ailments, keep track of the progress of an ailing patient, inventions will be at zero, and worst, since computer chips are connected to the world in which we live, the possibility of worsening the condition of the ills will be unimaginable.Everything that revolves around computer chips will be totally limp in such a way that the uncomplicated situat ions of those who rely mainly on them will find their way to a very conventional way of living.These are but anticipations of the possible of end of something that has started we got used to.   Nevertheless, we have been given such a powerful mind that can outdo things that may have affected us. We can see that movies featuring the use of these highly powerful and technological things are not just simple result of a creative mind. But of course, we have to think again. With everything around us, with the long way we have paved and with the future waving at us, can we still afford to go back?Works CitedWhat is a Computer Chip?, Retrieved May 7, 2008, from DNA-based medicine . creating value for patients, Retrieved May 7, 2008 from,2003  

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