Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Count Down to Zero Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The Count Down to Zero - Assignment Example The Count Down to Zero films by Lucy Walker illustrates how the production of the nuclear has become a global threat due to its growth in unexpected ways. Further, the discussion has been held by some leading political leaders including Tony Blair, Jimmy Carter and Plame Wilson on the elimination of nuclear weapons due to their mass killings and long lasting effect caused when nuclear weapons are used in war. Some of the arguments include, what do you hope the film will accomplish? The nuclear weapons generally need to be eliminated internationally and the film takes part in making efforts before the entire citizens of the world suffer a nuclear catastrophe (Walker Web). Through this, it is clear that the film is after saving the world, not for entertainment purposes. Did the President Obama's speech to the UN Security Council Affect the direction of the film? Walker asserts that he was greatly impressed by the president spoke in regards to the use of nuclear weapons in war. The policy of President Obama has been consistent and brilliant. Do the film of countdown call for some action? The film of countdown greatly calls for action in eliminating the use of nuclear weapons in war. The film tries to alerts people from different corners of the world to know the exact truth of using nuclear weapons on war (Walker Web). The film provides ideas of weapon inspection treaties and involving some tough issues in investigating the presence of nuclear weapons in Israel, Pakistan, and Iran.

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