Sunday, June 9, 2019

Family structural theory Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Family structural theory - Assignment ExampleAnother way to determine if the family is impaired if the family is based on organization and subsystems, this includes interactions between individuals, with assigned roles and expectations (Minuchin1974)From Minuchin perspective, a family is either functional or dysfunctional depending upon its capacity to adapt to numerous stressors which, in turn, rests upon the simplicity and appropriateness of its subsystem boundaries.The way to determine if the family dysfunctional is if the family- members from brother to sister do not have love to one some other which should latter grow into respect to one another all the family members tone shamed, slammed, belittled or dismissed when they state what they have in their minds, opinions, wants dreams and desire It can be determined by how the family members atomic number 18 accountable to one another if one has made a mistake the and the guilty one doesnt apologies to the other, failure of allo wing reasonable expression of emotions, discouraging siblings to work together (Minuchin1974).From the study we are able to know what is meant by the term dysfunctional family, and how a structural theory can be used to determine a dysfunctional family with the function from Minuchin and Gardano. There are various dysfunctional families and this study has given some aspects on how to identify such kind of a family.Silva, E., Tsatskis, Y., Gardano, L., Tapon, N., & McNeill, H. (2006). The Tumor-Suppressor Gene fat Controls tissue paper Growth Upstream of Expanded in the Hippo Signaling Pathway. Current biology, 16(21),

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