Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Anthropology Questiuons Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Anthropology Questiuons - Assignment ExampleThe race of Tiv show frustrations because they believe that they know the importee of the story better than Bohannan. The differences in understanding of Hamlet are brought about by the fact that the locals do not understand things such as ghosts. These people also believe that water is a good thing and thus they do not believe that someone evict drown in the kindred water. The central points within Hamlet seem to be meaningless in Tiv because the audience have different meanings and understanding of the story. The customs of the Tiv makes them find it alright that Claudius should embrace the wife of his brother. From her experience in Africa, Bohannan comes to learn that different cultures understand things differently and as a result there are no values which can be considered to be universal. Womb as Oasis is a story which is based on an ethnographic research which was conducted in Hofriyat which is a colonisation in Sudan. The auth or went to do the research while aware that effeminates within the village were taken through genital mutilation rituals but what she witnessed during her visit was way far from expectations. The tec considered the ritual and the custom of female genital mutilation within this village to be meaningless. As days went by, the perception of the researcher for the female genital mutilation began to change as its significance began to be understood and thus its appreciation. The people within the Hofriyat practice Muslim religion and culture and are presented as having strict beliefs. The people of the village organize themselves into groups but few of them are corporate. Endogamy is practiced in the village with people marrying a close kin and preferring marrying people who did not exist far away (Boddy 13). The story presents arguments which help the reader to understand the reason why the Hofriyat people persist on keeping their Pharaonic circumcision culture. Regardless of the pre ss that the villagers get for the eradication of the custom of female genital mutilation, the reasons why they keep it is expound to enhance the understanding of the audience. The Pharaonic circumcision within this village is described as being related to the value of enclosedness which the customs and beliefs of the villagers stress within their cultural idioms. The assertion of the paper argues that the Pharaonic circumcision is meaningful for those who go through it because it de-emphasizes the concept of female sexuality while putting emphasis on fertility (Boddy 24). Question 3 The issue of space in the Nationalist Rhetoric of the Hellenic is described within ideological convergences on the politicizing cultural, educational and symbolic structures. The emphasis however lies in the need for cultural protectionism within Greece (Kaldellis 220). The National Rhetoric tries to explain the growth of Greece and the mixed ideologies which result into disputes with Macedonia. The di spute that occurred between Greece and the new republic of Macedonia caused challenges in international relationships. The Usage of the name

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