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The Influence of Using Sequentra®

SAN BEDA COLLEGE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS MENDIOLA, MANILA RESEARCH Methodology The Influence of Using Sequentra on the Johnson Controls Inc. Global WorkPlace Knowledge Centres (JCI-GWK) Transaction instruction and countenance Administration go and to the Clients SUBMITTED TO Dr. Milagros Malaya SUBMITTED BY Mark Anthony M. Villasis DATE February 05, 2011 TABLE OF limit I. Background of the Study2 II. Statement of the Problem3 III. Objectives of the Study General and Specific4 IV. Signifi washstandce of the Study 4 V. Review of Related Literature5 VI. Integration of Literature Findings8 VII. Assumptions of the Study8VIII. useable Definition of Terms9 IX. Conceptual & practicable example12 X. Scope and Limitations13 XI. Hypotheses13 XII. Bibliography14 XIII. Appendices15 I. Background of the Study The business process outsourcing (BPO) invests heavily with technology and infrastructure. The Philippines to date is at par with the worlds best in technology. out-of-pocket to their substantial investment in systems, networks, security, and softwargon, or so global BPO providers look for highly transactional, technology-intensive work such as portfolio database centering, payroll, and records management to achieve the highest profit.With the global marketplace worthy increasingly competitive and the insatiable appetite for business education, the volume of data that must be managed and assimilated is growing at an exponential rate. Global corporations require old-hat processes, consistent data to enable global consolidation and the ability to transform raw data into business intelligence to support better decision making. In many cases, regions, countries and even cities have different finance systems, computerized maintenance management systems, purchase order processing and call centre platforms with inconsistent data conquer and coding.Just to add to the complexity the data can be in different languages. To keep track of the data collected from business operations most companies use fivefold systems. Retrieving and consolidating this information in a eraly manner (e. g. month end reporting) can be a costly and resource intensive task. reading management centres have been forced to provide more serves whilst reducing resource cost to remain competitive. In response to these business challenges, GWK is before long using Sequentra, a web-based package that allows capturing the chase key areas of information in one comprehensive web-based performance. Lease Administration Transaction anxiety Rent & in operation(p) expense tracking Project milestone tracking Full client chart of accounts for AP integration Project budget tracking Critical lease dates & options mathematical process measurement Key property contacts Electronic customer satisfaction surveys Space allocations internal charge backs Document management Space type allocations Document management capability II. Statement of the Problem This c ontract will be conducted to explain the influence of Sequentra to the Transaction Management and Lease Administration run of JCI-JWK and to the customers. This ruminate was intend to answer the following questions ) What features does Sequentra offer to the Transaction Management and Lease Administration Services of JCI-JWK? 2) What benefits does Sequentra put forward to the customers? 3) Who are the existing clients of JCI-JWKs Transaction Management and Lease Administration Services that benefited from Sequentra? III. Objectives of the Study Main Objective To examine the effect of using Sequentra based on functional advantage on JCI-GWKs Transaction Managers and Lease Administrators, and satisfaction to the customers. Specific Objectives 1) To find out the features of Sequentra that contributes an operational advantage to the Transaction Management and Lease Administration Services of JCI-JWK? ) To discover the benefits that Sequentra offers to the customers businesses? 3) To gibe whether the clients of JCI-JWKs Transaction Management and Lease Administration Services are satisfied. IV. Significance of the Study With the global marketplace becoming increasingly competitive and the insatiable appetite for business information, the volume of data that must be managed and assimilated is growing at an exponential rate. Global corporations take advantage of the current technologies, and infrastructures, require measurement processes, consistent data to enable global consolidation and the ability to transform raw data into business intelligence to support better decision making.This study intends to investigate the influence of using Sequentra on the JCI-GWKs Transaction Management and Lease Administration Services and to its clients. Determining the features and benefits that Sequentra offers and find out if the clients, in turn, is satisfied. This study will also give confidence to the Information engineering science (IT) practitioners to focus their init iatives on developing toolsets that provide operational advantages. V. Review of Related Literature On Web Based Applications According to an article on http//www. articlesbase. com entitled Benefits of Web Based Applications, some of the core benefits of Web Based Application are the following 1) Compatibility.Web based applications are far more compatible across platforms than traditional installed software. 2) Efficiency. The benefit of web based solution is that they not only modernizes found business practices, but also makes services and information available from any web-facilitated personal computer. 3) Highly deployable. Deploying web applications to the end users are very easy. It simply call for to send the user a website address to log into and provide them with internet approach shot facility. 4) Security of live data. Web based applications provide an surplus security by removing the need for the user to have access to the data and back end servers. 5) Cost Effecti ve.Web based applications can considerably lower the costs because of reduced support and maintenance, lower requirements on the end user system and simplified plans. On Operational Advantage An eHow contributor wrote an article on how can the information technology (IT) change a business. According to the article, IT has brought about a revolution at the workplace since the 90s. The recent development and fast-paced adoption of lucre conference and Web-based technologies and applications has enhanced the potential of IT. IT and computer systems deployed strategically can impact the operational aspects and productivity parameters of a business. IT and attendant technologies and tools can be used to change key business operations, functions and activities of a business.Businesses can invest in desktop computers, workstations, laptops, minicomputers, notebook computers and high-end servers for a host of organizational tasks and functions. Market-available software, computing applic ations, networking and other IT productivity tools installed in computers and computer systems can help professionals, workers and staff in a business to streamline work processes and execute tasks and functions faster in order to achieve organizational-defined goals and targets. Johnson Controls has substantial Sequentra to enhance palpable earth management, lease administration, project management and reporting for improved productivity and decision making.This application was developed by real nation professionals who possess a unique knowledge of other applications offered in the marketplace, and a keen appreciation of the switching costs to move to web-based applications. As a result, Sequentra was intentional to dynamically conflate with existing legacy systems and provide web-based access to certain data managed in the legacy system. This allows corporations to gain the benefits of web access without the cost and epoch to replace systems, retrain staff and modify proce sses. In addition, Sequentra adds new functionality and reporting capability not otherwise present in other legacy systems. (Sequentra Technology for the Real Estate Industry). pic Figure 1. Integrated Components of Sequentra On Customer SatisfactionAbout the virtual environment, the research that has addressed the influence of sensed quality on satisfaction is limited. Rolland (2003) studied the relationship between the perceived quality of a website and satisfaction with the site. The results shows that the perceived quality of the website influence positively satisfaction. This relationship has been demonstrated by Wolfinbarger and Gilly (2003) they shown that the overall quality of service, predicts strongly satisfaction of users. The same result was also confirmed by Bressolles (2004) who studied this link in a shopping put through at two sites a site for digital products and a travel site.The results show a strong and positive relationship between the two concepts. It follow s that service quality influence positively satisfaction after a purchase from a merchant site. VI. Integration of Literature Findings Through the literary productions review, the research worker has shown the benefits of the web-based applications, the operational advantage of adopting the information technology (e. g. adoption of Internet communication and Web-based technologies and applications), and the influence of perceived quality of a website on satisfaction. It is therefore reasonable to consider the influences of the web-based application on the operational advantage of a service and the satisfaction of the customers.Meanwhile, technology adoption generates less human contact which might result in shove along of time and effort and concern about privacy and confidentiality from the customer point of view (Bitner 2001). Meyronin (2004) has indicated that electronic intermediation tends to impoverish service relations, and human interactions might fashion value through a dvanced services, so that a balance between competitive advantage and productivity gains is necessary. VII. Assumptions of the Study The assumptions of the study are as follows 1. The researcher will identify the Sequentra features that have been suggested as being authorised for Transaction Management and Lease Administration Services. 2. The researcher will also pinpoint the Sequentra benefits that are known to offer business advantages to the clients. 3.The existing clients of JCI-JWKs Transaction Management and Lease Administration Services that have benefited from Sequentra are ranging from regional organizations to large multi-national corporations. VIII. Operational Definition of Terms Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a subset of outsourcing that involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of specific business functions (or processes) to a third-party service provider. Typically categorized into back percentage outsourcing which includes internal b usiness functions such as human resources or finance and accounting, and front office outsourcing which includes customer- colligate services such as contact center services.BPO that is assure outside a companys country is called offshore outsourcing. BPO that is contracted to a companys neighboring (or nearby) country is called nearshore outsourcing. (Wikipedia) Given the proximity of BPO to the information technology industry, it is also categorized as an information technology enabled service or ITES. Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) and legal process outsourcing (LPO) are some of the sub-segments of business process outsourcing industry. Information technology (IT) is the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of vocal, pictorial, textual and numerical information by a microelectronics-based combination of computing and telecommunications.The term in its modern sense first appeared in a 1958 article published in the Harvard Business Review, in which authors Lea vitt and Whisler commented that the new technology does not yet have a single established name. We shall call it information technology. (Wikipedia) IT is the area of managing technology and spans wide variety of areas that include but are not limited to things such as processes, computer software, information systems, computer hardware, programing languages, and data constructs. In short, anything that renders data, information or perceived knowledge in any visual format whatsoever, via any multimedia distribution mechanism, is considered part of the domain space known as Information Technology (IT). (Wikipedia) Lease Administration Services.Lease Administration is the process of maintaining and utilizing pertinent information contained within the lease by either the landlord or tenant. It includes the performing of all activities that ensure lease complianceconsisting of both monetary and non monetary obligations. It includes calculating rent increases and the other party corr oborative calculations already made. It includes the process by which the tenant notifies the landlord of its intent to exercise an option to renew or its intent to vacate. It also includes the process by which landlords determine additional monetary charges a tenant may be liable for. It includes determining each partys insurance requirements at a lower place the lease.In short, it includes the entire process of determining obligations under the lease and ensuring such obligations are met by the other party. Lease administration by the tenant would include providing information (critical dates, rights and responsibilities) to its managers including facilities, operations, finance, and risk. These titles (responsibilities ultimately) may be filled by the same individual, or not. If not, they may be outsourced which contributes further at times to the confusion and the possibility of oversights in ensuring lease obligations are being met. Sequentra is an integrated, collaborative, w eb-based real kingdom software solution and serves as a central repository for all portfolio and project-related information.Sequentra was developed by Johnson Controls to provide clients with enhanced communications and accountability for all facets of real estate and project-related requirements. This real estate software also contains a lease administration module that, when combined with the project tracking feature, can fully integrate a clients entire real estate database and reporting system. Transaction Management. Transaction management is the efficient management of real estate related dealings. Organizing information and tasks in a sequential order and makes the process easy to track by all parties involved with the transactions. Sending notifications to the transaction team members inform them that they have an active task.Ensuring that transactions are completed on schedule and that the transaction team works more efficiently thus reducing the roll times. IX. Concept ual & Operational Framework Firstly, this study aims to explore the influence of using Sequentra based on operational advantage on the JCI-GWKs Transaction Management and Lease Administration Services. Determine the features and benefits that Sequentra offers and find out if the clients, in turn, is satisfied. The researcher will start with three questions First, is there an operational advantage that the Transaction Managers and Lease Administrators experienced in using Sequentra? Second, what benefits does Sequentra put forward to the clients?Third, who are the existing customers of the JCI-JWKs Transaction Management and Lease Administration Services that have benefited from Sequentra. An in-depth interview method will be knowing. Then, a questionnaire survey follows to validate how Sequentra influences the JCI-GWKs Transaction Management and Lease Administration Services, and the client satisfaction. Figure 2. Conceptual Framework X. Scope and Limitations This study will be co nducted mainly to explore the influence of using Sequentra on the JCI-GWKs Transaction Management and Lease Administration Services and to the clients. The focus will be on the operational advantage of the services and the clients satisfaction based on the benefits that Sequentra offers to their businesses.Data will be gathered through descriptive method. This will serve as the primary source of data collection. Secondary data will include related literature about the subject of the research. XI. Hypotheses The researcher proposes a direct relationship between using Sequentra and the operational advantage to the Transaction Management and Lease Administration Services of JCI-JWK and client satisfaction. H1. Using Sequentra which increases operation efficiency of service is positively related with client satisfaction. H2. Using Sequentra which increases operation efficiency of service is negatively related with client satisfaction when the services fail. XII. Bibliography Online Arti clesSequentra Technology for the Real Estate Industry http//www. sequentra. com/solutions/sequentra. html Sequentra User Help Section http//www. sequentra. net/sequentra/help/user_help/new_help/ SSL /FlashHelp/Sequentra_User_Help_Section. htm Business Process Outsourcing http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Business_process_outsourcing Information Technology http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Information_technology Biswajit Nag, Business Process Outsourcing Impact and Implications, Bulletin on Asia-Pacific Perspectives 2004/05. Retrieved September 12, 2009 from ebsco. com Journals Bitner MJ (2001), Service and Technology Opportunities and Paradoxes.Manage Service Quality 11(6)375379 Bressolles G. (2004), The quality of electronic service, NETQUAL scale, consequences and lead variables, Ph. D. in Management Sciences, University of Toulouse I. Meyronin B (2004), ICT the creation of value and differentiation in services. Manage Service Quality 14(2/3)216225 Rolland S. (2003), The impact of Intern et use on perceived quality and consumer satisfaction, PhD in Management Sciences, University Paris Dauphine. Wolfinbarger M. and Gilly M. C. (2003), E-TailQ dimensionalizing, measuring and predicting retail quality, Journal of Retailing, 79, 183-198. XIII. Appendices Appendix 1. Sequentra Components SEQUENTRA COMPONENTS Project Module Team assignment and milestone tracking (e-mail ticklers) post deal point analysis Budget tracking Space programming Contacts database Single repository for documents Savings calculations Property Module Rent stream and expenses interior(a) allocations Lease clauses Critical dates & options (e-mail ticklers) Contacts database Reporting Standard reports library Ad hoc reporting capability Produces rich, highly formatted reports into Adobe Acrobat, Excel and HTML System Admin Assigns flexible, secure access rights to end users Capability to customize fields, e-mail notifications and project templates Manage document templates library Appendix 2. Specific Features and Benefits of Sequentra FEATURES BENEFITS Project/Property Specific Bulletin bike time for projects is greatly reduced as team members can communicate and collaborate on Board projects anytime, anywhere. Web-based application Does not require any software to be installed on a users local machine. The only requirement is Internet access. Central repository for all project Lets users who are scatter collaborate on files associated with each assignment.Users related files and document templates always know where to go for the most recent version of a file. Flexible, secure access outlined security levels ensure that users have access to applicable projects/properties. Process Automation, Milestone email Communication is enhanced, as team members can be automatically e-mailed when an important Notifications assignment milestone has been reached or falls behind schedule. Customizable Can be customized to mirror your organiz ation. Appendix 3. Sequentra, an exclusive Real Estate Management tool with multiple advantagesBecause Sequentra was developed by real estate and e-business experts and is supported by Johnson Controls, a global real estate services and facilities management company, clients can count on a tool designed to help maximize the performance of their real estate assets. Seamless integration between property and project modules to save time and eliminate errors. Real-time collaboration and information sharing to reduce cycle time. 24/7 access to data from web-based browsers. Automated workflow ensures schedules are maintained and results are measurable. Project team members have access to project files and templates. Flexible access rights for file and project security. Embedded proactive email notifications enhance communication regarding project milestones. Fully customizable and scalable to fit the needs of any organization. Generate self-definable reports with a user-friendly interface. Johnson Controls operates in more than 50 countries, with thousands of dedicated real estate services and facilities management employees, and a billion square feet under management. Customers benefit from a worldwide knowledge network focused on delivering strategically-based services and solutions designed to contribute to enterprise goals. Appendix 4. List of Existing Clients Below is a partial list of GWK clients that have benefited from Sequentra Solutions. Agilent Technologies Manpower Cadbury Otis Carrier Corporation Pratt & Whitney Hamilton Sundstrand Ryder henry Schein Sikorsky Motorola Sonoco United Technologies Realty WPP Sequentra Features and Benefits Operational advantage on the JCI-GWKs Transaction Management and Lease Administration Services Client Satisfaction

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