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People Should Aim For Moderation In All Things Philosophy Essay

People Should Aim For Moderation In All Things ism EssayLeading a happy life is the common residuum of human being. To nark this goal, on that point are many steps to be walked and there many ideas to be came up with. One among several renowned saying of Aristotle introduced that beggarlys. Aristotle asserted that mint should aim for moderation in whole things. What indeed does the assertat5ion specify?Before starting in-depth elaboration somewhat this saying, we should behave a glimpse into the brief background of Aristotle. Aristotle was born in Greece (384 BCE). He was the pupil of Plato who was the savant of Socrates. Aristotle is a celebrated figure in past Greek philosophy. Aristotle made considerable contri exclusivelyion to logic, metaphysics, mathematics, physics, biology, botany, ethics, politics, agriculture, medicine, dance and th buryre. Although he was the student of Plato, he was more empirical and rejected the Platos theory. Aristotle emphasizes on good rationality and virtue.What is virtue? The distinct ability to control desire with the help of reason is call moral virtue.Virtue is attributed to the study of ethic. Ethics has several conceiveings. It is oft used to refer to a set of standards of pay off and wrong constituted by a particular congregation and imposed on members of that group as a symbolise of regulating and setting limits on their doings (Boss, 2004, p5). The main emphasis of Aristotles ethic study is his doctrine of the mean. The doctrine of mean is found in both Eastern and Western philosophies. According to this doctrine, virtues precisely implicate moderation or seeking the middle highway (Boss, 2004, p393).The gravid idea of Aristotle is reasonable for many reasons. First it aims to guide people active in a virtuous manner. It is crucial to us to maintain and shape good behavior and avoid committing aggressive go throughs that consider vice. The ethic as menti nonpareild in Aristotle ideology is the main as welll for regulating individuals behavior progress. consummate(a) deed brings people dignity. For example, if a statesman is a corrupted person, he pull up stakes be sent to the justification if found guilty. If he is too docile or lack of the courage to maintain strong given(p) and practicable capability, he will be consider to be unaccommodating to his citizen. Then come denounce or condemnation. If he chose the moderation track to lead his rural, the country may walk to struggled the road of prosperity. The doctrine of mean in the context of leading the country, for example, mean the leader is a flip person who takes the responsibility to bring the country the glorification. Those actions include, not to think ab egress the policy of invasion of other states for the sake of territorial expansion, because that action sill triggers the war and causes the devastative destruction. On the other hand, the leader should not be too comfy on the mountain of essence, l uxurious living and joyful activities. By doing so, he will have no time to think about the knowledge of the nation. The illnesses in the society will not be settled. The better mode for him is to live in a moderate ling standard and deal his time to finding the ways or technique to enhance technology, education, environmental and hearty progress.One obvious and worthwhile learning greenback is the capital of capital of Singapore priminister. Throughout the history of Singapore, the priministers were and are famous for cleanses government and economic achievement. The account means that there is no corruption in the country. People of Singapore are highly educated and virtuous. The intention to committing any bad action is totally cut off. Other interesting example is Switzerland. I at one time saw from the media that the Swedish actually dont know how to bribe. Although it sounds incredible to may other, it is the certain(p) concomitant that was proves by the Number One rank ing in the supranational transparency report as no-corruption nation in the world. The points mentioned above concerning that dickens nation are convincing enough to prove that moderation mean not only bring people their fame, but also kick upstairs the country to adoptment.The doctrine of mean enhance the inner strongness. Most virtues entail finding the mean between excess and deficiency. For example, concerning about the human congenital emotion, if he fear nothing, he is too courage, if he fear everything, he is coward. Both pointed situations are vice. It is hard to take the moderate way to r all(prenominal) the best of the Aristotle theory. People, still have to make determine effort to develop the good mental well-being. If a man manages to do so, he will have the internal tranquility. The internal cessation regulates the external activities not to accidental injury others or to exploit the others. This builds up the harmonic world. Example, Denmark is ranked in the s afest country in the world. People in Denmark do not rob, steal or fight each other. We can imagine how happy we are if we were deposited in such a peaceful country. Again, moral virtue of internal peace makes the world a better arse to live. People value respecting each other.The doctrine of mean, at the same time, is beneficial to human physical health. honorable take a simple example, consume too much intellectual nourishment makes people be obese. Whereas eating too little food go bad people and bring disease. This is just the easy to understand philosophy of Aristotle, but is worth it penny to be taken into account. People should schedule their eating habit, exercising, entertaining and learning. . It is crucial to lead a healthy life. Finding the balance, in doing such daily living activities no time it destructs our progress. Taking one other example, sleeping to many hours makes people lazy, brains thinking border backward down and no energy. While sleep less makes pe ople faded and unproductive in thinking. As a result they should follow the rule of thumb of doctor. People in young age sleep around 10 hours. People in teen age sleep 8 hours. The come of time to sleep be taken lesser for people when they set out older. That is the road of moderation.The doctrine of mean improves critical thinking. To find the best solutions or take effecrtive3 measure for a particular issue, people should think critically. For example, if eat 100 apples is too many and eat zero apple is the least. It doesnt mean you should eat 50 apples comply with the math mean. Rather, the mean based on the merit of the situation. What is more, regarding the drinking of alcoholic drink such as beer or wine, it is reasonable to drink somewhat larger amount in the frore weather area, but not in the not climate area. If not conform to the average guidance, the merit of the wine will torn to be the harmful tool. The consequence of this spendthrift and shortage needs careful aspect of ours to avoid any unexpected outcome of the action.It is not only the fact in real life that support the assertatoin of Aristotle. Rather the Buddhist ethics, for example, denounces the extremes of excessive indulgence and self-mortification or self-denial. For Buddha, the path of liberation-the life of virtue and inner peace-entailing taking the middle path. The same, Confucian clamed Equilibrium is the great foundation of the world, and accordance is its universal truth. The mean in Confucian ethics entails doing what is proper to ones site in life. One fact is too stingy to give out your help is unfavorable, but too generous to give to the poor place the undue burden on their children and on the society to support them in their old age.Leaving away from the middle mean arouse the social controversy and unsecure. There only the time of plague and fire. The reason is that people are all seeking for power and protect their own interest. sometimes they are too defensive. Sometimes they are too offensive. Considering that fact that the process of choosing the secretary General of the United Nation is so critical. The candidate must be highly educated and be free of nationalism. By doing so, there wont be any political bias ever happen. then the corruption, mismanagement and inefficiency of the institute lessen. The body doesnt serve only the goal of the crack power and be manipulated by the major power.To sum up, Aristotles assertation is a luxurious mean to a significant extent. It discloses the human actual teaching path to the peaceful and happy destination. We have to do the right thing in the right place at the right time by the right mean to for the favorable and good result.

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