Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Research science fiction Essay

During the summer I met up with Harinder to start create our website and to get an idea of what it would include and look like. We decided to use the class Dream Weaver since it was more flexible comp bed to word or Front knave and it had some features that we could use for our website, such as different fannygrounds and texts. Dream weaver enabled us to use Flash MX which has much more effective artistic production which we couldnt get on Front Page such as the flash onlytons and 3-d backgrounds all to make our website suit the Sc-Fi theme.We targeted our audience straight off by choosing the theme science Fiction which appeals to teen and young mature males. We kept the audience involved furthermore by the type of terminology we chose to use which wasnt in like manner complicated yet non too patronising. The set up of the page was kept colourful, yet formal, by not having the hyperlinks and pictures all over the page. It would therefore appeal to the younger and older contemporariess of our audience.We too targeted the audience by adding more features to our website like voting and a guest book so they feel welcome and give feed back on what they thought of our website. The strengths and failinges of our production be fairly clear. Some of the strengths are that it appeals to a wide chain of mountains of audiences which means that more people are attracted to our website and it would be popular. Another strength would be the different kinds of features that make up our website, from the different types of flash buttons to the backgrounds, wallpapers and pictures.The weaknesses of our website include the appearance of the homepage it looks too cluttered at the top then too empty at the bottom. The colours usurpt match especially with the different coloured buttons. Another weakness would be that on a page like the picture page all of the links are down on one incline of the page and the rest of the page looks empty. We could have avoided th is problem by displace more pictures and links on the page. One more weakness I could pick out would probably be that it takes quite a want time to load up the site.This could be put down to the detail that there is a lot of links and features on our webpage which slows down the association and makes it harder for the computer to find the proxy settings. The responses from our target audience were good. We asked people amid the ages of 15-30 years of age what they thought of our website. We got some good responses especially from the younger members of our audiences, such as the layout of the website and the features is good quality. They did offer some improvements, such as it required more information put into the site.The point came up again that the home page was too cluttered and looked over crowded. The older generation of our audience also thought the site was very effective. Some proposed improvements were that we needed to take more care when writing the movie review s since there was a lot of spelling mistakes. Also that some of the other pages seemed empty with hardly a few links on them. It was proposed we should have either not make a links page for the pictures page or made more links and pictures.Another improvement suggested that we should have made our website withal more formal if we wanted to aim at a wider range of 25 year olds upward, by not having the colourful buttons or backgrounds but having them black and white. I feel I learnt that we needed to have deadlines among ourselves to get certain things finished and then move on to the bordering thing instead of going back and finishing off pictures or reviews. You need to have people in your group that you can depone on to have work finished and handed in.Appendix1. Google look to Engine2. Science Fiction Websites-* Sci-fi.com* Sciencefic.com* Science Fiction Movie Reviews Pages* Science Fiction Picture Pages3. Ask- Search Engine4. Lycos- Search Engine

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