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Of mice and men †George’s character Essay

George possesses more than fine, admirable qualities in the novel, however on that point is one action he ultimately commits which is evil. Of Georges good qualities, his self lever and evaluate for others are his most emergestanding. He displays all of these qualities m any metres throughout the book, and neer are these qualities contradicted, except in one evil act that George commits.George is a character who has great respect for himself. Often, we stereotype homeless, drifter types such as George as people who sire no concern for personal hygiene, appearance, or even something as simple as a clean beat to sleep. George, however, is a living example that disproves this stereotype. When George and Lenny first arrive on the ranch, George is designate a bed in the bunk signaling. When George proceeds to put his belongings on a shelf near to his bed, he finds a bottle that reads, positively kills lice, roaches, and other scourges,(20). later on George finds this, he res ponds, What the hell kind of bed you heavy(p) us, anyways. We dont want no pants rabbits,(20). This shows that George does care if he has a clean bed to sleep in we sometimes count a person kindred George wouldnt care about this.throughout the novel, George shows his respect for others many times. The character that George respects the most is foreshorten. George never challenged Slims opinion, and recognized that Slims password was law. Not alone George respects Slim, though. It seems everyone on the ranch recognizes Slim as the supreme law. After Slim tells glass over that he thinks the dog should be shot, Candy looked impotently at him Slim, for Slims opinions were law. George similarly has a great respect for Crooks, the Negro lasting buck. When George finds Lenny and Candy in Crooks room, he realizes that Crooks the deals the company, however he knows that, for the good of Crooks, that Candy and Lenny moldiness leave the room. George makes them leave the room becau se he respects Crooks and is trying to do whats top hat for him.In the finale of the novel, George commits one evil, horrendous deed. This deed is killing Lennie. George doesnt just mercifully kill Lennie, though. George executes him, shooting him in the back of the head with a pistol. Lennie must have felt pain, even if it was just for a second. George could have soft fled with Lennie and poisoned him or, better yet, non killed Lennie at all. The grounds on which George killed Lennie are non justifiable. They could have made another attempt at making a stake to buy that break up of property, however George threw this chance away. George also commits a crime on himself, because after Lennie is killed, it substructure be deduced that George will go on to lead an immoral, evil lifestyle, that of the average bucker on the ranch.In this novel, Steinbeck seems to regard all human aspirations as unachievable. He illustrates many characters with distinct dreams in this novel, such as Lennie and George, Candy, and Curleys wife. Each one of these characters has different dreams, besides each dream is incredibly important to them. all(prenominal) of these dreams, though, seem like they will never be fulfilld by the people who dream them.Lennie and Georges dream is perhaps the most important dream the story is just about focused around it. This dream begins with make uping up a stake, which is a sum of money accumulated over a time. Once a stake of around 600 dollars is accumulated, George and Lenny plan to buy a small piece of land, about 10 acres, and move into the house on it. Someday-were gonna bewitch the jack to specifyher and were gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an a cow and some pigs and- An lie in off the fatta the lan, Lennie shouted,(15).George is the one who initially came up with this dream. Initially, George just told Lennie of this dream to lark about him. George, though, never thought this would ever happen. With the incl usion of Candy in the plan, though, George begins to imagine this dream. He still has a feeling that he wont achieve it. From what the novel says, we can conclude that Lennie and George will never achieve this dream, because Lennie is dead. We can also deduce that George will never settle piling and buy some land on his own.Candy has a dream similar to George and Lennies, however he wants a different feeling out of the dream. What Candy is looking for is a sense of security. This is important to someone like Candy, who, having a relatively unstable job, could be fired at any time. Also, Candy is disabled, so he would have a hard time finding another job, especially in a time like the Great Depression. Candy wants to live with Lennie and George so that he can have a secure future, and not have to worry about not having a place to live. When George seems to abandon the dream when he knows Lennie must die, Candy is worried that George wont want to complete the dream without Lennie. Y ou an me can get that little place, cant we, George? You an me can go there an live nice, cant we, George? Cant we?(103). It can be deducedfrom this passage that Candy is having doubts about the dream now, and is worried it will never be achieved.It seems that Curleys wife has the simplest dream of all in the novel. All that she craves is attention. She is so desperate for attention that she will take it from anyone, even Lennie or Crooks, the Negro stable buck. It can be deduced that the reason she married Curley was for the resole purpose of attention, because it is clear that she doesnt have a good deal attraction to him, and he has only a limited amount of attraction to her he treats her more like a prostitute than a wife. When Curlys wife gets lonely, she seeks out anyone for attention, even stooping to the level of getting attention from the stable buck, when he is in his room with Candy and Lennie. She also looks to Lennie for attention when she finds him alone in the barn. This was not an intelligent idea and it resulted in her death. Curlys wife died without ever receiving ample attention from anyone, thus her dream was not achieved.George and Curly are both very similar people. They are both rather small, and both of them could defend themselves if they needed to. They both work on the ranch, and they both, in there own mind, have a lot of power. there are however, many differences between Curly and George. Among these is their personality, self respect, and respect for others.George has a very mellow, calm attitude about things, and never gets out of control. Hes a very controlled person, and would never let his temper get the better of him. Curly, on the other hand, is always looking to pick a fight. Whenever he gets the opportunity, he will challenge someone to a fight. This is partially due to the fact that hes an avid boxer, and its also due to his mentality. He has the classic little guy mentality, always lacking to be able to beat up peopl e, to make up for his size.George has overmuch respect for himself. He shows this in the beginning of the novel, when he finds the lice killer next to the bed. He knows that he deserves a clean bed, because he has much respect for himself. Curly, though, has no respect for himself. Hes always trying to be better than other people, trying to show up people. He has to build himself up to make up for his lack of confidence and respect for himself.George has much respect for others. He respects Slim greatly, and takes Slims word as law. He also respects Crooks, by realizing that its best for Lennie to stay out of his room. George doesnt look for fights because he has respect for people, and isnt willing to stoop to the level of Curly. By punching Lennie just for supposedly express feelings at him, Curly shows that he has no respect for Lennie. If he did, he would not have had any reason to fight him. Curly fought Lenny on grounds of respect he wanted to gain respect from others if he won the fight.

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