Wednesday, September 6, 2017

'Concepts of Japanese Propaganda'

'The propaganda I choose is the fourth part one card at a subway stop, Tokyo. The placard is a worldly concernga style, which a lady friend holler thither is a Pervert!!  so under the girls picture. There is a police objet dart regulateing whats the business here!  and beside of this a salary man saying Its a aversion!  and a woman perchance an mogul noblewoman saying did she say theres a mistreat? . The body text of the card is extinguish misemploys through the bra genuinely and voice of any and when you examine or arrive reproach by versed offender recreate spot berth officer or policeman . manifestly the purpose of this flip-flop is notice sight and alleviate them to fritter away courage to withstand perverts and eradicate them.\nThe post horse is aimed at both female passengers that whitethorn get sexual harassment on the train or subway. as well as I think it perchance prompt everyone if you find a pervert, recreate say and contac t to the policeman. In my opinion, this poster works very well. It uses very bombastic picture of manga to reap the great unwasheds attention and it is a manga, its very docile to read and understand. besides the girl in manga wish well a little girl whitethornbe a school student, when they got in that pervert situation, they allow get terrified and maybe do not ware the courage to cry ( tabu) like the manga. So it in like manner remind girls to protect themselves and damp them courage that if they scream, there will be people like salary man or office lady beside you also policeman or station officer. If they get your voice, they will help you and help you out of the danger as soon as possible.\nThe female passengers and the firm society sanctuary will turn a profit from this message. This poster may decrease the crime rate of these pervert actions, then it may help the preventative on the transportations. Also let people know the Nipponese police would help them a nd get unloosen of the crime. On this denominate maybe the Nipponese police and organisation get reach too. The people make this poster would be the police department. The fence why they make thi... '

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