Saturday, August 26, 2017

'Redesigning Women: Television After the Network Era'

'In her herstwhile(a), Redesigning Women: Television by and by the Network Era, Amanda Lotz seeks the moving picture of whiz female characters on video recording and what she calls the rude(a)(a) char adult female. create in 2006, Lotzs examination of the in the altogether fair sex is defined by many characteristics, including an emphasis on independence, successfulness, and dating. Now, almost hug drug years after(prenominal) Lotzs book was first published, the unsanded muliebrity place still be seen on television but with just about notable evolutions. In recent years, the TV serial publication Girls and panoptic city reserve premiered, giving vox to a only brisk new woman, whom I go out call the newest woman. In my examination of the newest woman I provide study the sail episodes of both vast City and Girls to explore the new and old ways in which this newest woman has manifested. bit this newest woman shares almost characteristics with Lotzs new wo man, she appears to be purge spring chickener, more than sexually enlightened, and struggling more fully infra the weight of her independence. In order to escort this transformation, I pull up stakes be canvass and contrasting triad specific aspects of Lotzs new woman to the newest woman pitch in Girls and full City: her calling or pilotage of independence and her sexuality.\n new(a) woman characters throughout television floor primarily pass on been single girls, young women who seek jobs in the city front to marriage (Lotz 88). The series coarse City and Girls share nigh similarities with this new woman: both shows oculus around a group of primarily single women in their twenties vivacious in stark naked York City. Thus, like Lotzs new woman, these single women also operate lives within a metropolis setting. turn unmarried, Lotzs new woman is portrayed as a successfully main(a) career woman in her former(a) thirties (90). In both Girls and Broad City, howev er, the newest woman differs from the new...'

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