Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Fresh Water Pollution News Log

Fresh weewee is a very historic resource to manage. Without fresh, clean pissing, manner is simply not possible. This is why when a countries fresh body of water supply supply begins to become colly it is a very stark matter. This is in fact the fuzee why for years fresh water quality has been raw(a) Zealands quash one environmental link up (Toki, 2012). Within newborn Zealand in that location argon two of import contributors towards fresh water taint (Wilcock, 1986). These argon from Urban ripening and Agricultural expansion. The following watchword log will take in the environmental concern and the depict stakeholders from both sides of the argument, it will take news articles about the do it will include my knowledge opinion on the matter.\n wizard of the main contributours towards fresh water contamination in New Zealand is the intensification of agriculture, especially dairy farms. Since the 1960s the amount of dairy farms in New Zealand has been on a sh arp increase (Macleod, Moller, 2006). on with the increase in numbers of farms at that place has also been broad intensification with the amount of animals per square kilometre (Macleod, Moller, 2006). Within Canterbury alone at that place are now 194,000 dairy cattle with an increasing value of 19% per year (Dynes et al, 2009). The almost catastrophic water pollution caused from this intensification of catlles is caused from the heavy use of fertilizers and endocrine gland boosters (Arnon et al, 2008). As the amount of dairy farm cattle in New Zealand is increasing so rapidly, Farmers are forced to use a lot more plant food and hormone boosters to insure that there stock and land is healthy. When these boosters are used huge amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Tungston, Testosterone and estrogen have been found to present the water system (Arnon et al, 2008). When these pollutes interpose the water system they are either carried downstream by rivers and streams or they in filtrate the ground water. The polluted river and stream water is then unsafe for Human...

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