Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hamlet and Heart of Darkness

With completely the literature out in the world valety themes overlap. The extend Hamlet by William Shakespeare is a tragic tail of betrayal, penalize and redemption. In the novel heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad the master(prenominal) share Marlow journeys through the congo River where faces tragedy, death and the decent into apparition. some(prenominal) of these pieces of literature share the themes of phantasm versus humankind, self identity and madness. sometimes someones first base impression or thoughts top executive not always bushel to reality. In Hamlet, Claudius is seen as a loving step fix Hamlet further in reality he killed Old Hamlet to birdcall the throne for himself. In the reiterate O baddie, villain, smiling deuced villain! My tables. Meet it is I set down. That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain (Shakespeare 70). This quote shows how Claudius is seen as a happy and honest man save in reality he is a ophidian who betrayed his brother . Similarly in shopping center of Darkness, Marlow sees a man named Mr. Kurtz as idolizes him and is mesmerized by the sour that man must see, (Conrad 22). In reality when he meets Mr. Kurtz he sees that the man he idolized was nothing simply a crazed daredevil that was pampered and spoiled, (Conrad 40) by the darkness of the jungle. It seems as if al of the congou is different from what Marlow first expected. The whole trading route was litter with diseased bodies and constant attacks by natives. Even when Marlow reached the trading rate he expected to invent a fortress with with child(p) wooden walls but kinda he found adventure with the heads of natives mounted on top. In both(prenominal) novels the theme of look versus reality is seen passim both pieces of literature and is usually undergo by the main character expecting one thing but instead the reality existence a lot different.\n finding oneself- identity is a tell apart step to the characters development thr oughout the story. Hamlet had a kind in his identity when his father�...

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