Saturday, January 7, 2017

Analysis of Philosophical Approaches on Morality

The soula study I chose to dismember posed an interesting topographic point. A website gives people the opportunity to abide other people fin dollars in exchange for the latter(prenominal) parties agreement to write a paper for the initial individual. subsequently reading the incident I attempted to determine whether or non the motionion should be deemed virtuous or iniquitous according to several philosophical theories.\nFirst I cute to identify the kernel incorrupt issue. At the core moral problems of the case study is atomic number 18 weave. I chose to categorize the core moral conflicts as deceiver because the definition of cheating is to act dishonestly or below the belt in order to take a leak an advantage, especially in a game or examination. This case study is an example of cheating because someone is gaining an advantage finished the work of others. It is also unreal to allow a person to critic or chassis the work knowing that you did not do it.\nEthic al relativism offers contrary two skylines suggests to look at cheating, the first being finished an individualistic stand point and the other from a societal stand point. From an individualistic/ inhering lenses cheating is moral. This is because according to this speculation an individual has the right to do whatever makes that individual happy, so as long as the paper gets done and the main two people touch are satisfied indeed moral criteria is met.\nWhen looking at the issue of cheating from a societal/cultural opinion it would be determined nefarious. This is because societal ethical relativism is fitted to the cabaret. In the society that we live in it is frowned upon when you cheat and lie (the reason donnish honesty rules are in place), so it would be immoral to break the rule of society. This method, however, is cognise to be flawed because of its native inconsistence.\nEthical egoism maintains the view that everyone has the obligation to act selfishly. look ing for at this particular situation it could be argued that an ethical swellhead would state...

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