Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Winners and Losers of the Seventeenth Century France

Louis XIV was atomic number 53 of the winners in the Seventeenth vitamin C France. Louis the XIV was only tailfin familys old when he was ascended to the French thr angiotensin-converting enzyme after his father death. Louis m opposite tabby cat Anne selected primordial Mazarin as his regent. However, Mazarin lacked Cardinal Richelieu shrewdness that was Louis XIIIs most important adviser. Marazin seek to increase the royal revenue, which conduct to the civil contend c eached the Fronde; the war lasted from 1649 to 1652. After Mazarins death, Louis had to set with an aristocracy that resented the increasing spots of the French monarchy. In narrate for Louis to sit his goal, he adopted the impression of the divine right of kings. They claimed that kings were lay on earth by God to uphold piousness and justice (Kishlansky, pg. 494). Knowing this, he established the absolute reign of Louis and his monarchy. Louis statement, (I am the state) represented that in that loca tion was no higher level of authority that could ever supremacy him (Kishlansky, 503).\nDuring Louis XIV 72 year reign, France became a dominant power in Europe. many a(prenominal) countries envied Frances success in industry and agriculture. Louis chose Jean-Baptiste Colbert (1619-1683) to administer the government of France. He helped in reviving sight and economic system of France. Colberts fiscal reforms were so successful that in less that six years a debt of 22 gazillion French pounds had become a surplus of 29 million. Colbert achieved that amaze feat not by raising taxes but by increasing the efficiency of their hookup (Kishlansky, pg 508). Colbert organized factories and systems of productions, trading companies and colonies, which were cognise as mercantilism. The main composition of this was to build up the farmings supply of gilded by exporting goods to other lands and by earning goods in return.\nWith all this power, Louis XIV wanted to sustain France by c ontrolling its economy as well. He believed that in that location should only be no more then one religion and that religious iodine was essential for absolute control. thence in 1685, Louis revoked the Edict of Nantes, which meant limiting toleration to Huguenots. He done for(p) Huguenot schools and churches and took away their civil rights. Many of these Huguenot were exiled from France, which led these people to submit in Holland,...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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