Monday, October 17, 2016

Google and Privacy Policies

Google recently acquired dwell Labs, a company that has certain internet-connected thermostats and smoke detectors that save whent wipeout curriculum themselves and communicate with your smart phone. These devices shtup monitor whats departure on in our homes. They can see when we wake up, when we run for work, and when we return to our homes at night. For example, the thermostat has a motion sensor that activates the screen and changes temperature settings when it registers a person walking past it. At first, it seems uniform wonderful technology, exclusively soon raises concerns about privateness and security to somebodys and businesses.\nMany argon worried about what Google could potentially do with the information stored by Nest products. They say their intentions atomic number 18 only good. Using guest information will only help to improve their serve and products. It will provide a full picture of its users and could be vital to their advertising. In differen t word, they can deliver products well like if they can see into our terrene life and habits. I am a firm bankr in privacy. I believe a company that installs these devices and collects selective information from them definitely engrosss an individuals privacy. Just because they have the tools to invade our privacy doesnt halt it right. They should not be competent-bodied to know every facial gesture of our lives. They should not be able to watch us and apprize our patterns.\nI think that bon ton and its institutions ultimately corrupt the rightness of the individual, and that a person is at their best when truly autonomous and self-reliant (Goodreads/Emerson). Individualism and individualized privacy is of utmost wideness and should be put forwards of the needs of society. Where are the rights of the individual? Google is trying to convince us that our privacy policies are departure to be well respected, but in the future in that respect could be reasons why it talen t make sense to connection it to our Google accounts. The sensitive information obtained could end up in the ha...

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