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CMPF 124 Basic Skills for K instantaneouslyledge Workers DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE & cultivation TECHNOLOGY Introduction to Linux Operating Systems Linux/Unix Primer Lab practice Understanding Linux a) Login to a Linux System. On dual-boot (WinXP/Linux) systems, if the PC is running WindowsXP, close-fitting and restart it. Select “Linux” from the Lilo or XOSL boot menu. Once the PC is running Linux the user will be presented with a screen background GUI when they log in. b) Desktop Environment The most popular desktop environments for Linux ar acceptedly:i) Gnome – GNU meshwork objective Model Environment ii) KDE – K Desktop Environment. These ar ii similar Windows- homogeneous desktops, other more novel desktops argon in any case available. c) Open a ending window or “ break down ”. This is necessary to allow interaction with the system via a ascendance line. Click on the “Terminal Emulation chopine” ch aracterization in the desktop tools panel (across the bottom of the screen). circular: The terminal icon computes like a monitor. The terminal window ascendence line prompt will probably look something like this. [user@localhost user]$ d) Directories When using command line navigation the directory limit argon not automatically visible. The user must specifically “ disceptation” the content of the current (home) directory using “ls ”. [fred@localhost fred]$ ls The content of the current directory (folder) is displayed, this is the disregard starting point, the user’s “Home” directory. To keep an look on the pathname of the current directory, the command “ pwd” (print working directory) is used. [fred@localhost fred]$ pwd e) There argon genuine hidden files “ ls” will not normally evidence up, to list all the files (including hidden ones) the optional “-a” switch is used. [fred@localhost fred] $ ls –a supererogatory files which ha! ve names beginning with . are now visible, these are used to hold configuration information for...If you deprivation to snuff it a full essay, order it on our website:

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