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Edgar Allan Poe

: Contributions to Literature 7184 [1809-1849] was a notable figure in American Literature . He was a poet , a little- grade-writer , a major literary critic - all rolled into one . His carve up to literature enriches American Literature till datePoe is often remembered as the Shelley of American Literature . Poe had definite views about meter . In the first place he believed that poem should be go around . He held the view that , I hold that a farseeing poem does not exist . I maintain that the diction `a long poem is simply a direct contradiction in terms This is because he believed that the elevating excitement which poetry induces cannot be sustained throughout a composition of some(prenominal) great length [Poe : Poetic Principle] He also store quite a few sonnets . All Poe s poems except the prose-poem const antan written by Poe at the end of his life argon in conformity with this ruleThe Raven is the poem upon which his fame most securely rests . The theme of The Raven centers round bereavement of a tameness for his beloved A junior student sits in is bedroom upon a midnight dreary in the bleak December , strain to escape through books from the grief that weighs upon him because of the death of his beloved Lenore . He hears someone rapping gently , rapping at my chamber-door It is a raven that comes in and perches upon a bust of Pallas in the room . To the questions that the teen man asks the hushing , the rejoinder is always nevermore . To the foggy mint and heat-oppressed brain of the young lover , the Raven assumes roughly a supernatural shape so that he addresses it as oracle , thing of evil Prophet still if tinkers dam or devil In utter despair and an daft longing for self-torture he poses this final question to the bird : By that heaven that bends above us /by that matinee idol we both adore /Tel! l this soul with regret slopped if within /the distant Aidden /It shall clasp a saintlike maiden over , whom / the angels name Lenore / Quoth the Raven Nevermore It is also learnt that D .G .Rosettihad been godly by this poem to write The Blessed damosel former(a) poems of repute are : To Helen , Israfel , To One in heaven , Ulalume Annabel lee was a brilliant short story-writer too . His superlative percentage as a short-story writer lies in spillage the story from the heresy of the didactic He favored blind for the interestingness of art . H .G Wells and Jules Verne owe frequently to his tales . harmonise to Poe Ligeia was his best story . However , The Fall of the theatre of lead is the best story from the stylistic point of viewIn Ligeia , Poe depends on the system of `metempsychosis or the transmigration . Ligeia comes back several years subsequently death to her husband by taking obstinance of the clay of his second wife , animating it and ch anging its expression to that of her give birth . Here , Poe was faced with...If you want to get a teeming essay, order it on our website:

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