Saturday, January 25, 2014

Childhood Obesity In America

Childhood Obesity in America Childhood obesity has rifle a major problem in America. The ordinary numerate of obese children in America has tripled since 1980. It is estimated that ane terzetto of each(prenominal) children let weight problems. That is 17% or 12.5 million American children between the ages of two and nineteen. The main reasons that children in America be overweight are runing alike some(prenominal) calories and non having enough individualized activities, spending too much conviction in face of the television or computer, and the types and amounts of solid viandss that are universe provided for children. The main cause of childhood obesity is that children consume too many calories and do not get enough physical activity. Parents have most control over what their children consume and they should be the ones to turn on for it. Breastfeeding increases the likelihood that your child will have hale alimentation habits. Out of all mothers who give b irth 75% of them surface out breastfeeding. By the sixth month after(prenominal) birth, only 13% of babies are still breastfed! As toddlers, children necessitate to develop an printing of what foods they like and do not like. Parents should nurture their children how to make food choices from an early age. Children learn their eating habits from their parents. Families should eat repasts together when attainable so that children can observe what is beingness eaten. Parents should prepare levelheaded meals at meal time. Water should in addition be served instead of sugar filled drinks. Children should have one do of 100% juice, with no added sugars or preservatives, and 2% milk. bingle military service equals ONLY one cup of each. While manduction meal time, parents can talk about what foods are healthy and unhealthy. fast(a) food meals should not be eaten on a mending basis. This should be something that is only done, at the most, twice a month. alimentation fast fo od meals teaches children to like greasy and! dipper foods. destiny control and balances nutrition should be taught and junk food should be limited. Children...If you want to get a full essay, ordinance it on our website:

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