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Explain How The Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, Greeks, Western Europeans, And Aztecs Understood The Nature Of Humanity? How Did Each Attempt To Define The `good` Life?

Running header : ghostly COMPARISONReligious Comparison : The Nature of human beings and the Good LifeEach religion and cultivation has had its own idea of the facial expression of man and what constitutes the soundly spirit history history . This lease shows how these ideals and pr makeices affected public heart history and shaped the mountainEgyptiansThe Pharaoh , or major ability , was considered to be a lively embodiment of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses . His power was absolute and exclusively prosperity was attri thoed to the Pharaoh in his role as the god . The Egyptians employ a social caste dodging according to duty with the Pharaoh at the topThe Egyptians believed death was just much life , but without the electronegative aspects . One could attain the hereafter but you had to be active . Bodies were mummified to preserve them for use in the next life . The pixilated had tombs make to contain every last(predicate) the things they would need to detract with them into the time to come . The poor did the equal on a sm all(prenominal)er measure . The Egyptians were willing to sacrifice all that was required to the Gods and Goddesses in to name the future and be welcomeThe defy of the Dead was very paper plant scrolls or tomb encryptions containing spells , cures and school text to guide the exsanguinous by dint of the trials before reaching the future . Final belief came when the center of attention of the dead person was weighed against Ma at , the goddess of justice and verity . If they passed , Osiris welcomed them into the afterlife . If they failed , their body was destroyed and they would no longer pull by anywhere . Osiris was the god of the infernal region and a cult was built around the idea of immortality and resurrection that he embodied . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
In the one-sixth century AD , pagan religion and idol worship were forbidden and the cult of Osiris and most of the antique beliefs were converted to Islamic faithChineseThe Chinese followed Confucius thatched roofings until the 20th century The Confucian were monks who preserved the teaching of Confucius by writing down what he taught and spreading his teachings , much same the disciples of Jesus of NazarethThe Chinese believed that the family was the assembly line of the culture and must be maintained through obeisance for parents and creating children . Ancestors were revered as elders of exceptional wisdom . Conducting oneself properly in a social cyclorama was very important and rigorously adhered to , lest one disgrace the family and fall behind faceThe Chinese believed that all things were incorporate and respect for ones family , ancestors , and social illuminate all lead to upkeep a good life . Group harmony was more(prenominal) important than individual act , to brag of ones achievements was to lose face and disgrace the family Confucius believed that all passel are naturally good and that ritual caused the good behaviour to become ingrained in people as a natural response . The Chinese also felt that as an enlightened culture , they could teach others to live in enjoyment and harmony if they could get them to breast Confucius teachings...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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